Don’t Call me Ma’am

The Committee for the Reformation
or Elimination of Ma’am
wishes to announce our new
spring fashion line up of
sassy-chic accessories …

Always the perfect conversation starter…

(actual size: 1.25″ diameter)

For all simple and direct occasions,
this basic black accessory
is a stylish must :

Actual Size: 1.25″ diameter

Available Exclusively in our Multi-item


Need to bring out the sledge hammer?
Try this:

(actual dimensions – 5.5″ width x 4.5 ” height)
item # 2A

The address is:

T. Silver
PO Box 1169
Alameda, CA 94501

Make your check payable to T. Silver

Strange and free prizes* included with each
Don’t Call Me Ma’am Random Fun-pak
(*as long as we still have some on hand!)

Each order features an unpredictable
and enticing assortment of the above items.

But no matter which items you get, in what
proportion, your bold fashion statement to the
world will always be unmistakably clear:

Don’t call me “Ma’am”!!!



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