Why Letting the Divine Take the Lead Is Definitely Not ‘Self-Help’ :)

18 May

The other day, I ran into a pal at Whole Foods who I hadn’t seen in ages. She said, “So you write self-help books these days, right?”

That made me giggle so as we waited in the long line, I tried to explain.

“Well, to me, most self-help is like saying “Hey, let’s redecorate that dreary prison cell, ok? You know, it would look SO much better if you just changed that couch! Got new curtains! And with a new rug, well, you won’t believe how pretty it could be. We’ll even show you how to get a nice mate to serve your term with!”

She started laughing.

“But,” I continued, ” letting the Divine take the lead is Something Else. All is offered to a great Force of Love. You are actually taken over…”

(On that note, I wondered if I was getting totally crazy carried away in that line, and whether I sounded like a total evangelical nut which would be my worse nightmare, but actually she was listening with a very rapt and deep attention. So I kept going :))

“Well, you recall who You are. A radiant Being in service to Eternity. You begin to be USED by something Greater. And this can happen for ANYONE. It just takes remembering…inviting…and Offering…

“In a sense, Life begins to happen THROUGH you and FOR you (and for everyone else) rather than BY you.

It’s the difference between redecorating the prison or… walking out the door.”

By the time we got to the front, she was going to get a copy of “Outrageous Openness” that night and take the Offering course. What a funny, funny meeting. We both decided we were thrown together with our mangos and strawberries for a reason.

(Part 2 of the Offering Course starts again in June. In meantime, you can get Part 1 by going to the homepage of www.toshasilver.com. You need it to take Part 2. And Outrageous Openness is on Amazon).

“Change me Divine Beloved into one who lets You take the Lead in every way. Use me for the highest purpose according to Your will. I am Yours, You are Mine, We are One. All is well.”

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4 Responses to “Why Letting the Divine Take the Lead Is Definitely Not ‘Self-Help’ :)”

  1. Madeline June 11, 2014 at 10:22 am #

    I have such trouble with Surrender.Been on the Path for soo many years, bounce around with the Create Your Reality mind set then the Let Go thing ,back and forth.Many discussions with colleagues and friends about destiny vs. free will.KARMA vs. Free Will. Aiiiiie! I would love to be able to surrender, to let life happen THROUGH ME but I rarely am able to stay in that space. I make lists,I make plans, I want a new kitchen, I want an chance to use my real estate license, I want to write that book.. I want I want I want. Will keep on keeping on.. I suppose! Thanks for this post!

    • Claude October 20, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

      To Madeline: This may help you but I have learned on my own path that wanting is the reason why most of those things or events you want, do not and can not materialize in your life! The universe is very clear on this and will keep on producing EXACTLY what it is you think of…so if you think of wanting (which is clear in your message…i want i want want…funny you repeated it three times, it’s almost like your three wishes), the universe will respond by producing EXACTLY that “the experience of wanting”!!! Instead I suggest you offer a prayer of gratitude for what it is you now wish to see materialize. Your thankfulness for “using your real estate license” will surely produce that specific experience. Also as per the book “outrageous openness” do trust that this better path has already been selected for you, that it will be revealed to you in the perfect way, at the perfect time with ease and effortlessness! In so many words focus your prayer, meditation, and everyday THOUGHTS on gratitude and trust/faith….and it shall surely be given to you my dear Madeline liek it has, is and will continue to be(en) given to the multitude who live by those principles !

    • Tosha Silver December 18, 2014 at 3:57 am #

      Hi Madeline…I don’t know if you’ve read Outrageous Openness yet or heard the Offering class on this website but they’ll both help you with this. There’s also a class here called ‘When Desires become Preferences.” Nothing wrong with them…but they make life a walking misery often until they ‘offered’ to the Divine for resolution. At least that’s what I’ve found. The tools in the book and these classes truly help. Sending xoxo.

  2. Cindy March 21, 2015 at 2:30 pm #

    I’ve learned that I’ve got to be careful even saying, “I Want ….”! Even absent mindedly!!! About 15 yrs ago, I was watching a Steven Seagal movie & stated, “I want a man like that! OH LA LA!” A few days later, I went to a new local store that’d just opened & encountered a very handsome man whom I began dating. He invited me 1 weekend to go camping/fishing, as a friend of his & I were sitting there talking about my new BF, they made the statement, “Wow! Look at him! He’s identical to Steven Seagal!”

    This isn’t the 1st time, this has occurred! I began practicing manifestation in the mid 1970’s when I snuck my Dad’s book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy at 15 yrs old!

    It works! Just be careful of even absent minded thoughts too! It’s hilarious at time’s! :)

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