When Vision Boards Aren’t Enough

27 Jun

You’re familiar with these, right? You know, people cut out photos and words of all the stuff they want and paste them on a board. It’s a simple Law of Attraction technique to focus the soul’s intention on manifesting desires. And while that’s an occasionally effective idea, it’s actually a highly limited way to approach the world.

I’ll tell you why.

Ntozake Shange

15 Jun

Someone just wrote me and said, “Hey what IS this? Are you running some crazy religion or somethin?”

And all I can say is, OMFG what a nightmare THAT would be!

No, I’m no guru, I’m no savior, nada. I’m a writer, a highly imperfect Being, and all you’d have to do is spend 5 minutes with my wacky, flawed self to know that. I simply fell in love with the Divine in my own heart, and anyone deeply motivated can do that. To me, EVERYONE is a god or goddess. Most of us just forget.

god is funK

26 Mar

Bidden or unbidden, God is present.

C. G. Jung


To me, music is one of the endlessly compelling forms of the Divine.  But with four planets in open-minded Aquarius, I could never have a narrow view of so-called ‘spiritual’ music.   I figure if it speaks to your heart, moves you, comforts you, or just makes you fly, that’s plenty.

How could God NOT be present?

How “Outrageous Openness” Was Born

23 Mar

The stories in this new book are adapted from two years of writing as the SF Spiritual Examiner . Because of my long history as an astrologer, I initially assumed the columns might be about how to best navigate current and upcoming planetary cycles. But, over time I realized I mostly adored discussing how to “align with the Divine”, independent of life’s endless fluctuations.

I know without doubt that a Force of Love exists that can guide, help and interact with each of us in the most intimate and practical way no matter what the conditions.

If only we know how to invite It in.

Trying to Function (Without God)

25 May

When I was in ninth grade my friends and I played a certain game for months on end. No matter what someone said we just added the words “during sex.” Such as, “She loves to eat anchovy pizza (during sex).” Or, “He always forgets to do his math homework (during sex).” For whatever reason, this never failed to send us into gales of hysteria.

But then, we were fourteen.

Now I find myself in a new version. Have you noticed how some people will rush to discourage a certain goal? Or at least let you know how futile, exhausting or expensive your attempt will be before you even start?

Seeing the World as You

24 May

Seeing the world as you is a way out of inflated self-importance, or what Buddhists would call self-cherishing. I’ve learned about this the strangest way, through my life-long arachnophobia, or terror of spiders. I should call it my slowly-but-steadily-waning-fear of spiders.

For as long as I can remember, spiders always paralyzed me. If they were bigger than a quarter, forget it; I’d run screaming from the room like a six-year old. I can’t say the number of times I’ve frantically begged a friend or partner to come airlift one outside. At least I knew enough to not kill them.

A psychic once suggested that in a prior life I died in a whole vat of them like something out of Indiana Jones. Charming image. And really, who knows?

Marrying Kali

23 May

Perhaps because of retro-fifties moldy tomes that still hang around like The Rules, I get plentiful calls from women fearful about relationships. Even ones who are otherwise strong and capable, of any sexual orientation, still ask stuff like, “Did I say too much?” “Should I have been more coy?” or “Why didn’t I play it cooler?”

But the forces of karma need no manipulation. After all these readings to all kinds of people, I know one thing for sure: if you’re destined to be with someone, nothing can stop it. You won’t need to rope, trick or drug them into loving you. Those books that leave women terrified of just being themselves are somehow both tragic and hilarious at once.

A psychic teacher of mine used to say, “Karma is like a train. When it pulls up, it’s almost impossible not to get on. And, for that matter, not to stay on until the last stop. For better or worse.”

The Wayward Yogini

11 May

I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life, for I am allowing God to be in absolute control and guide me in all proper actions. Catherine Ponder Last Thanksgiving, I heard from Maura, a local yoga teacher who was terrified because her classes were shrinking.  She wanted to know why. As […]