Letting the Divine Take the Lead

A compilation of funny, irreverently reverent stories on aligning with the Divine in daily life. It’s written for the passionately spiritual and bemusedly skeptical alike.

I know without doubt that a Force of Love exists that can guide, help and interact with each of us in the most intimate and practical way no matter what the conditions.

If only we know how to invite It in.

This book will tell you how.

My overriding passion for inviting and dancing with this Force eventually gave birth to “Outrageous Openness”.

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What readers have to say

Are you looking for life guidance that really truly works and helps?

You’ll find it in the outrageously funny and infinitely practical Outrageous Openness: .

I love this book and consult it regularly. Plus I read the whole thing on one plane trip.

Then gave a copy to each of my daughters and also my closest friends.

Trust me on this one. This book is a “must have”.

–Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” and many other books

If Amy Sedaris wrote obsessively about the Divine, this is what she might sound like. Tosha’s humor and lightness is the perfect antidote for a world plagued by fundamentalism. OO is the perfect read whether you need inspiration, a good laugh, or both.”

–Darren Main, “author of “Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic” and other books

The stories are laid out like a collection of essential oils, each gently awakening us with aromatic beauty to the presence of the Divine in every aspect of our being. –Ana Landis Velazquez (artist)

This wonderful book stands out in stark contrast to the pretentious and stale formats we often find in this genre. It shines as a profound yet funny and down to earth expression of how to live in harmony with your own inner Divinity. –Henrietta T., NY, NY

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