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2020 Survival Kit (20% off full price of $217)

2020 Survival Kit (20% off full price of $217)


In Tosha’s recent Astrology of 2020 workshop in Berkeley, she mentioned how the wild intensity of the current transits bring an opportunity for Divine alignment like none she's ever seen. In fact, the current cluster of planets in Capricorn (of which the January 12th Saturn-Pluto conjunction was only a part) hasn't occurred in at least 500 years!

Together with the help of your inner Divine Warrior, you can courageously end what's outgrown and stagnant and open to long-awaited new beginnings on every level of your life.

Three courses by Tosha will help you navigate the unique challenges and gifts of this time. These powerful courses are a genuine “2020 Survival Kit.”

The 2020 Survival Kit includes:

  • The Astrology of 2020: Awakening to Your True Nature
  • Invite the Inner Kali Power
  • The Holy Battle: Triumphing Over Fear

Each course is filled with practical tools and spiritual techniques for riding the current waves and diving into the opportunities 2020 will present.

As an incentive to fully engage with your inner Divine Warrior, the products bundled in the "2020 Survival Kit" are discounted by 20% (the discount is incorporated in the checkout price).

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