Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck

By Tosha Silver

This magical Oracle Deck has been in the making since Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender was released last year and it is finally here. 

These cards can be a  great way to offer any problem to Love and be freed from the stress of the ego forcing solutions. Anyone can learn to invite this Force to take over fully.

They can be used as oracle for a specific problem, or simply to connect you in the moment to the Divine. You can even carry one with as a sacred reminder. When you open fully, the Way for You will be shown.

When we invoke the Divine to "shift" us, we invite the Highest part of OURSELVES to take over. After all, It's everything, inside, outside, all of it.

I hope you receive as much joy from these cards as Matt and I felt making them!

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Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck

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