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Offering: The Key to Joy

Offering: The Key to Joy


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Everything in this world teaches the opposite of OFFERING.

Everything, including much New Age thought, says “YOU (the ego) need to struggle more, try harder, make your wishes come true.”

But where’s the Divine in all this?

When I write about surrender, “easier said than done” is a common response.

That’s true, if you’re talking about the ego. But invitation and offering to the Divine opens doors the small self never could.

Yet it takes PRACTICE, week after week, to let Offering become your life.

If you’ve read Outrageous Openness, you know about my thirty year writer’s block. I’d tried everything: creativity workshops, endless books, struggling and stressing, self-flagellation. Yet nada… the well was dry.

One day I finally realized my writing had never been offered to God. I’d never directly said, “If YOU wish me to do this, open the way. The writing is Yours!”

The prison door actually flung open quickly after that. In a short time, the column arrived, a perfect, non-scary way for me to be tricked into writing. And from there….the rest just flowed. NO matter what challenges arose, the waters never stopped.

THAT’S how it works. Yet, simple as it sounds, it’s a muscle that takes time to build.

Offering changed my life completely.

Anyone can learn to live this sacred and beautiful way.

I invite you to learn to bring the PRACTICE of Offering into your life.

Please join me on this journey!


The course includes four hour-long sessions, consisting of a talk followed by a Q&A. There are two additional hour-long Q&A sessions full of answers on the integration of Offering into your life.

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