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THE HOLY EARRING REUNION (and Mercury moves out of shadow)

30 Jun

Ok if you use my books, you know signs come in the craziest ways. You just have to notice. And if you follow the fB page (, you may remember a few weeks ago, as Mercury was going retro, I accidentally broke a vendor’s mirror, then bought a set of earrings to make her happy. When I got home, I found one of the earrings had vanished anyway. All typical cuckoo Mercury.

The Suspense of Suspension

30 Jun

Once again we’re in big upcoming astrological movements. I’m so thrilled about the wonderful news on Marriage Equality here in the States and ironically it comes JUST as the planets are starting to shift again after a prolonged period of suspension. So I shared some info about all this during last week’s Living Outrageous Openness group call. (I find I’m often weaving a bit of the stars into the weekly calls there, since knowing the current transits while letting go and offering all to the Inner Divine for guided action is a potent combo.)

Hope you enjoy!

Prayer to Lord Ganesh

08 Jun

With gratitude to Lord Ganesh, who both BRINGS the obstacles as needed and REMOVES them in the sweep of an arm (or trunk) once they’ve served their purpose. I bow to You, alive and glistening, living deep within the Heart. Carry us over the final days of this retrograde this week, my sweet, peaceful Elephant […]

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