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The Inner Road

16 Sep

The road to belonging to Yourself can be long, agonizing and circuitous. Often, as the process unfolds, you really don’t know where the hell you’re being led. But at some point, if you keep offering yourself again and again to this Inner Divine, if you make a steady invitation, you begin to “belong” to You. You can just feel it inside, growing a tiny bit day by day.

This has nothing to do with manifesting ANYTHING. It’s an inner sacred road led by Love. It’s available to anyone.

When Vision Boards Aren’t Enough

27 Jun

You’re familiar with these, right? You know, people cut out photos and words of all the stuff they want and paste them on a board. It’s a simple Law of Attraction technique to focus the soul’s intention on manifesting desires. And while that’s an occasionally effective idea, it’s actually a highly limited way to approach the world.

I’ll tell you why.

Ntozake Shange

15 Jun

Someone just wrote me and said, “Hey what IS this? Are you running some crazy religion or somethin?”

And all I can say is, OMFG what a nightmare THAT would be!

No, I’m no guru, I’m no savior, nada. I’m a writer, a highly imperfect Being, and all you’d have to do is spend 5 minutes with my wacky, flawed self to know that. I simply fell in love with the Divine in my own heart, and anyone deeply motivated can do that. To me, EVERYONE is a god or goddess. Most of us just forget.