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The Exalted Barista inside You

03 Dec

Ok, I’ve had a theory forever that many of the best spiritual teachers on the planet aren’t famous in the limelight at ALL but just ‘regular’ folks doing their lives with great joy and dignity. I saw that yet again today. For years I’ve been going to a certain cafe most days to get my […]

The Sacred Art of No

26 Oct

I think sometimes surrender gets misunderstood as blindly saying yes to all that comes, but I’ve found it involves what’s called in Sanskrit, ‘viveka’, discrimination. I swear, sometimes situations come that feel so wrong just so that we have a chance to learn to say, “That’s so not what I need right now.” I personally […]

On Crowns and Mars/Venus

29 Sep

You know, we’ve been in this long, long Mars/Venus transit that started last February 24 and completes November 1. And though it can bring up pain and healing around relationship (and even END what’s needed to go for a long time), what it’s really about is your own worthiness, wholeness, and Divinity. So, back in February I was […]

Why NOT You?

16 Aug

(And, yes, this message could be 100% for YOU) I think by now you’re starting to notice the messages that come over and over to you. A teacher of mine used to say, hey, if it KEEPS coming, don’t make god work so hard.

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