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An Old Yoga Pal…

29 Oct

Last year I ran into an old yoga pal. He said he felt daily bitterness since developers had ruined so much of Colorado where he lived he could no longer buy a home. He was so mad he had ulcers. He wondered what I would do. “All that yoga out the window, right?” he laughed. […]

The Amnesiac Garden

06 Oct

When all actions are offered 100% to the Tao from the depth of your heart, everything unfolds according to Divine Order in the right time and way. You needn’t have anxiety. The deepest needs of your heart are known.

This morning a friend told me her huge, gorgeous garden was covered in unexpected frost when she woke up. She instantly thought, “Oh man, all those months of hard, hard work! All Lost!”

When Desires Become Preferences

29 Sep

“Let your raging desires become Preferences. That is YOUR part. After that, all things will be done FOR you and THROUGH you, not BY you.”

Nisargadatta Maharaj

I always loved this quote by the great nondualist Indian saint but honestly couldn’t figure out for the LIFE of me how someone with a passionate nature could actually DO this. Then I realized, like everything else, there’s Change Me Prayer . The Divine will do for you what the ego could never do for itself.


25 Sep

Somebody asked me at a party last night how “Outrageous Openness” might be different than the other 500 new age and spiritual books cluttering her shelves already. I told her my favorite metaphor.

Wishing, hoping, resisting, and ‘trying to manifest’ are all ways to adapt to the prison cell of normalcy. They say if ONLY there was a prettier rug or a better couch in that damn cell it might be ok. (Or maybe a cute, hot inmate to do time with.)

But learning to Align with the Divine and offer EVERYTHING over is a whole other deal. You walk out of the cell altogether.

Oddly, you often discover that many of those things you thought you desperately wanted, either fall away or simply HAPPEN at the appointed time in the most beautiful and spontaneous ways.

You simply stop thinking like a ‘struggling human.’
You make the ultimate jailbreak.

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