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Trusting the Universe

09 Mar

Every day, since New Years, I’ve been thinking of my favorite quote by the great Indian nondualist Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The only thing required of you is to allow all your raging desires to relax into preferences. Then EVERYTHING will be done THROUGH You and FOR You, not BY you.”

The Yoga Jam

23 Feb

So the other week, I showed up for a vinyasa class with a visiting ‘name’, a real mob scene. The woman at the door pointed at a huge waiting crowd and said ‘Well, you better push your way thru somehow and grab a space. Be forceful. Otherwise you’ll be shut out BIG time. Some have been anxiously waiting for like an hour.”

The Divine Road

15 Feb

(or why “Manifesting” is so damn limited:)

Someone wrote me recently to say she loved “Outrageous Openness” but found since she read it sometimes things got much HARDER for a bit…until they became more peaceful and easy. She finally had a companion she could trust in the Divine. She wondered if I’d comment.

Tapas Squared

28 Jan

(or The Joy of Letting Go)

In Sanskrit, tapas means the suffering you feel as you learn to surrender to the Divine. It’s the cosmic fire that burns away the impurities that make us chase, manipulate, and grab. Tapas can be painful as all heck cuz it’s actually the purification of the ego. But as the small self offers itself to that Divine flame, over and over, it begins to let go, like a hard fist that opens.

Stopping Before the Miracle

21 Jan

I’ve been getting this message a lot lately so I’ll tell you how I mean it. Because on the one hand, everything, of course, is one dazzling miracle after another. In the right consciousness, just that you can blink your eyes, pet a cat, or chew an apple is utterly stunning.

But sometimes we give up right before something amazing is about to occur. I’ve sure done that at times in my life. Giving up in the sense of surrendering all to the Divine, is a wonderful thing. Then the right actions always get shown. That’s the focus of most my writing.

But giving up, not even being AVAILABLE for the miracle, well, that’s a whole other deal.

A couple years ago I hiked with a friend to a lake known for good swimming. After a few miles, we saw it glistening ahead of us, a green, beckoning beauty. But as we got to the main access spot, where many people had already jumped in, the water looked slimy, muddy and dark. Beer cans littered the ground. We hung out a little bit, never entered and eventually hiked back out.

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