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The Sacred Art of No

26 Oct

I think sometimes surrender gets misunderstood as blindly saying yes to all that comes, but I’ve found it involves what’s called in Sanskrit, ‘viveka’, discrimination. I swear, sometimes situations come that feel so wrong just so that we have a chance to learn to say, “That’s so not what I need right now.” I personally […]

On Crowns and Mars/Venus

29 Sep

You know, we’ve been in this long, long Mars/Venus transit that started last February 24 and completes November 1. And though it can bring up pain and healing around relationship (and even END what’s needed to go for a long time), what it’s really about is your own worthiness, wholeness, and Divinity. So, back in February I was […]

Why NOT You?

16 Aug

(And, yes, this message could be 100% for YOU) I think by now you’re starting to notice the messages that come over and over to you. A teacher of mine used to say, hey, if it KEEPS coming, don’t make god work so hard.

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