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Blessing the Obstacles

22 Apr

Lord Ganesh, the sublime elephant God, is said to not only remove obstacles, but to also BRING the ones that are Divinely needed. So you never know WHERE you’re being guided by that cancelled date or delayed ‘plan’. Often the Divine has a set-up far beyond what the small self is desperate to hatch. If the issue is offered to the Divine, everything that’s meant to be blossoms in the right time and way.

Dying to Love

04 Apr

A number of wild events occurred in the last two weeks of these total eclipses that led me to produce this short video, ‘Dying to Love’. Especially I’ve long wanted to talk about how I see the spiritual meaning of crucifixion and rebirth independent of religion. I’ve been long transfixed by this idea in a very personal, intensely spiritual way…As a doorway into Divine love.

Trusting the Universe

09 Mar

Every day, since New Years, I’ve been thinking of my favorite quote by the great Indian nondualist Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The only thing required of you is to allow all your raging desires to relax into preferences. Then EVERYTHING will be done THROUGH You and FOR You, not BY you.”

The Yoga Jam

23 Feb

So the other week, I showed up for a vinyasa class with a visiting ‘name’, a real mob scene. The woman at the door pointed at a huge waiting crowd and said ‘Well, you better push your way thru somehow and grab a space. Be forceful. Otherwise you’ll be shut out BIG time. Some have been anxiously waiting for like an hour.”

The Divine Road

15 Feb

(or why “Manifesting” is so damn limited:)

Someone wrote me recently to say she loved “Outrageous Openness” but found since she read it sometimes things got much HARDER for a bit…until they became more peaceful and easy. She finally had a companion she could trust in the Divine. She wondered if I’d comment.

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