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Invite the Help

19 Apr

So if you read my books you know I consider almost nothing random (except when it is:)) and signs bloom in wild ways when we’re open. Even in traffic. So I was just on Highway 880 heading past Oakland when I somehow got stuck behind a stalled car. The guy was on his cell and […]

When You’re Good and Ready

11 Apr

The other day I was thinking about amazing Gloria who taught yoga when I was in college in New Haven. That was the mid-seventies so yoga was not exactly common on campuses; we were the Absolute Total Weirdo course. And there was Gloria, at least 60, teaching asana, with perfect posture and a radiant composure […]

The Exalted Barista inside You

03 Dec

Ok, I’ve had a theory forever that many of the best spiritual teachers on the planet aren’t famous in the limelight at ALL but just ‘regular’ folks doing their lives with great joy and dignity. I saw that yet again today. For years I’ve been going to a certain cafe most days to get my […]

The Sacred Art of No

26 Oct

I think sometimes surrender gets misunderstood as blindly saying yes to all that comes, but I’ve found it involves what’s called in Sanskrit, ‘viveka’, discrimination. I swear, sometimes situations come that feel so wrong just so that we have a chance to learn to say, “That’s so not what I need right now.” I personally […]

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