Living “Outrageous Openness™”

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Living “Outrageous Openness™”

Think Like a Goddess

Over the past two years I’ve been flooded with questions about “Outrageous Openness™”. People ask HOW to apply it to daily life: in relationships, work, health, business, loss, and everything else under the sun.

Despite the diversity in thousands of emails, they’re often really asking one thing: how to offer one’s whole Self to Love when our alpha-dog culture teaches just the opposite.

Learn to be fearlessly abundant (Shilo Suleman)

The answer is simple: learn to think like a Goddess! (No matter what your gender). By this I mean, let your identity become your unlimited Self.

This takes… practice.

Have you ever heard someone say, “What do you expect? I’m only human.” I always laugh at this cuz I think, “But you’re not. You’re a spark of Divinity!”

What matters is what we choose to identify with. You can shift your thinking from that of a constricted human to the unlimited Divinity You actually are. Then, even though you have human limitations, you never forget your ultimate, true Self.

And everything changes.

Because if you think you’re just a ‘human’, you’ll keep feeling the fear, scarcity, self-loathing, worry, and competition of our culture. The ego’s up at 3 AM flooded with fear, believing “it” has to find the answers.

But if you OFFER your mind to the Divine and ask that Its highest thoughts fill you, even in the midst of challenges…they DO. And honestly, this doesn’t have to do with manifesting anything!

When you ask to be filled with Divine thoughts, you invite Spirit to permeate your whole Being. Synchronicity comes spontaneously. Actions begin to flow through you and for you not by you. You become a vehicle for the greater good.

There are, however, some common misunderstandings. This is not about passive resignation, cosmic shopping lists, or even positive thought. This is about how to ACTIVELY live the ideas in “Outrageous Openness™” so inspired actions and solutions arise on their own at the right time.

You learn how to truly let God lead.

Miracles arrive that you never could have imagined.

And most importantly, you start to remember who You actually are.

My personal saga

Some New Age philosophies say, “You (the small self) need to visualize and focus intensely on manifesting your desires and wishes.” But many of us have discovered the exhaustion and limitation of this approach. I sure did.

Eventually I learned to invite the Universe’s Highest plan. And nothing was ever the same.

Learn to look for The Divine in unexpected places (Andrea Lai/Flickr)

For example, if you’ve read “Outrageous Openness™” you know about my almost thirty-year writer’s block. I tried everything: creativity workshops, endless books, visualizations, affirmations. All of it. Yet nada… the well was dry.

Finally, I reached the depths of frustration and decided to completely give up. I’d have a life without writing. A week later, I woke up one morning with a start, realizing: My writing had never been offered to God.

I’d never directly said, “If YOU wish me to do this, open the way. All is Yours!”

The prison door opened soon after that. The chance to create an Examiner column came, the perfect way to trick me into creating. From there, all unfolded. No matter what challenges arose, the writing flow never stopped.

Sometimes answers are immediate, sometimes you wait. But one way or another, you come to trust that you will always be shown the Way.

People often say learning to surrender is easier said than done. And yep, they’re right. The mind has to be retrained from its focus on pushing, grasping and fear. In a way, you have to learn to stop thinking like a human and learn to think…like a goddess.

So why join us?

Recognize Divine guidance

People have asked me to create a program like this ever since OO came out. Because our culture is about chasing and grasping, this is for people ready to let the inner Divine lead. Learning to invite this Force is a muscle that grows stronger over time.

While offering opens doors the small self never could, it takes practice to truly let the Divine permeate your life.

Eventually this sacred and beautiful way becomes second nature.

Once anyone starts inviting Love fully into their lives, even seemingly mundane issues become holy. Everything, even the biggest challenges, can deepen Divine intimacy.

What Will This Program Include?

  • Each week I teach a 75 min Q&A session where questions are discussed.
  • I host a community forum where you can connect with others who are living Surrender, Invitation and Offering. (A Facebook private group.)
  • A 20% discount on all pre-recorded audio and video coursework available at
  • Discounts on live workshops and other events.
  • I also post exclusive content for the group.

About Question & Answer Calls

Weekly Q&A calls are a cornerstone of the program. I found they are a great way to help people quickly and concisely. Questions can be submitted at any time. Also, no need to be on the weekly calls. If you can, great. If not, you can hear the recordings at your convenience. In fact, forum members can listen to and review these as often as they’d like.


A few important details:

  • Having technical problems enrolling or questions about the forum? Please send them to us at and we’ll get you answers as quickly as we can.
  • The forum is always active, and you’ll get access to it within 12 hours of joining (much sooner during PST working hours).
  • Community calls will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 12 pm PST.
  • All subscriptions will automatically renew monthly, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership (or six months, or year of membership).
  • While the forum will be a private Facebook group, if you do not wish to be on Facebook you can enjoy all other benefits of the program.
  • Additional details will be in your enrollment letter.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Come join us!

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