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02 Sep

Hate Therapy

I was sitting in a Tribeca cafe when a guy walked in the door, caught my eye, and strode over.

“Well, well, well, Gloria,” he began, his voice shaking with anger. “Look what the cat dragged in. I knew you’d eventually get thrown my way. And what the hell did...

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02 Sep

Invite the Help

So if you read my books you know I consider almost nothing random (except when it is:)) and signs bloom in wild ways when we're open. Even in traffic.

So I was just on Highway 880 heading past Oakland when I somehow got stuck behind a stalled car. The guy...

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11 Apr

When You're Good and Ready

The other day I was thinking about amazing Gloria who taught yoga when I was in college in New Haven. That was the mid-seventies so yoga was not exactly common on campuses; we were the Absolute Total Weirdo course. And there was Gloria, at least 60, teaching asana, with perfect...

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20 Mar

On Mistakes

The Shakti (Inner Divine) can work in so many mysterious ways when you open to Her long-range astonishing vision. So I can only laugh at this one...

Last year, I spied a wooden clothing trunk online at Cost Plus. It was super adorable, very Rajasthani Indian, and came in red...

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