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14 Jun

Ntozake Shange

Someone just wrote me and said, "Hey what IS this? Are you running some crazy religion or somethin?"

And all I can say is, OMFG what a nightmare THAT would be!

No, I'm no guru, I'm no savior, nada. I'm a writer, a highly imperfect Being, and all you'd have...

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18 May

Why Letting the Divine Take the Lead is Definitely Not "Self-Help" :)

The other day, I ran into a pal at Whole Foods who I hadn't seen in ages. She said, "So you write self-help books these days, right?"

That made me giggle so as we waited in the long line, I tried to explain. "Well, to me, most self-help is like...

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07 Oct

Silent Seat

When you finally take
your calm and silent seat
on the throne
of your own heart
everything begins to fall into
it's proper place

- From "Make Me Your Own", Tosha Silver

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06 Oct

The Amnesiac Garden

When all actions are offered 100% to the Tao from the depth of your heart, everything unfolds according to Divine Order in the right time and way. You needn't have anxiety. The deepest needs of your heart are known.

This morning a friend told me her huge, gorgeous garden was...

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