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It's Not "Your" Money: Fully Living From Divine Abundance

It's Not "Your" Money: Fully Living From Divine Abundance


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*** Important Note – Even though some transits, which were current at the time the classes were recorded, are talked about the principles described in the course can be used at any time and under any circumstances.***

“Divine Source is the knowledge that no person, place, or thing is your salvation, but the Divine Herself. You can put yourself directly into that Abundant Flow and begin to embody it.”  - Tosha Silver

How has your relationship with money served you?

Have you been enmeshed in cycles of fear, scarcity, and competition?

In this long-awaited eight-part class, Tosha will talk about how to transform your beliefs & attitudes about money and how to fully step into Divine Flow. People have asked for this for ten years and it’s finally time!

On the deepest spiritual level, money doesn’t belong to 'you,' it is largesse from the Divine. With practice anyone can learn to live this way and be a conduit for what wants to come. This has nothing to do with manifesting, but actually learning to let the Universe USE YOU as a channel for Divine Source. The key is actually ‘offering’ both yourself and ALL finances completely to God. Human limitation falls away.

It’s natural, especially in the current heightened economic and political instability, to be focused on financial fear. But there’s a whole way to reframe the conversation so that YOU become the caretaker of Divine abundance. YOU REMEMBER: IT’S GOD’S MONEY. In fact, even the word “currency” literally describes money as a flow, or current, that you yourself deserve to be part of.

It just takes practice.

Release money "cords" from family, friends, and the culture itself

Many of our attitudes about money were absorbed from our parents, or are modeled after those around us. We’re often actually living the financial fears of the people we’ve psychically merged with. We can also free our self from the messages of scarcity and competition that fill the culture at large.

Cast the burden!

It really is all about the Offering. Because you might be thinking, "Well, it IS my money.” And that very idea of ownership is what creates separation and constriction from Divine Flow. Learn and practice techniques to fully offer all money (even serious financial problems!) to the Divine to be shown the right actions at the right time.

Making “Demonstrations of Abundance”

It’s important to show the universe that you can be both generous and taken care of. It’s one thing to shift into ideas of Divine Flow but another altogether to begin to act this way, regardless of what’s currently in your bank account. We’ll practice this A LOT!

Help your "Inner Kid" relax and open

Often traumatic beliefs about money begin at a very young age, and then it's the terrified inner child who is the one making financial decisions… and blocking abundance. Help her learn that it’s safe to let go and let the Inner Divine Adult take over.

Forgive yourself for money "mistakes"

It’s common to be filled with regrets or resentment about your financial past. Once you fully open to the Divine as the True Source of All, and put yourself in that unlimited flow, it’s much easier to release past baggage.

Deserving to Receive

A huge part of living from Divine Source is feeling worthy to Receive. We’ll focus on releasing the blocks to worthiness and receiving.

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