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Psychic Development Series

Psychic Development Series


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In depth examination of how to listen and honor your inner voice and stop seeking authority and validation from the external sources. Includes work with the chakras, removing psychic cords, and more.

Part 1: Developing Fearlessness
How to stay centered under stress, move in harmony with the Divine, release “doership”, the critical first chakra, stay grounded no matter what, release addiction to worry. Run time 44:28 (40.7 MB)

Part 2: Faith and Trust
Building faith, partnering with the Divine, the first 4 chakras, choosing between fear & trust, opening & closing the chakras. Run time: 45:27 (41.6 MB)

Part 3: Chakras: The Power Within
The 7 energy centers, how psychic chords drain your essence, cord removal & chakra clearing, inspiration —not just survival. Run time: 45:26 (41.7 MB)

Part 4: Intuition: Turn Your Inner Volume Way Up
Strengthening the inner voice. Allowing the mind to rest in the heart. Psychic self-protection. How to do psychic first aid. Simple ways to turn up the inner volume. Guided meditation for increasing intuition…and more. Run time: 45.55 (10.6 MB) Part 5: Q&A

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