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Sacred Aging–Know Your Divinity at Any Age - Scholarship

Sacred Aging–Know Your Divinity at Any Age - Scholarship

Our crazy culture's obsession with youth is brutal on everyone, but women most of all. Even many in their twenties and thirties are terrified to age, let alone those of us who are older. The training is incessant: The shame, the invisibility, the learned self-hatred and self-rejection. 
Yet what happens when you stop drinking the culture’s poison?
You reclaim your sacred nature.
Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t one of those ‘how to stay eternally young’ promotions that are ubiquitous. Instead, we’ll focus on something far more powerful: how to anchor the identity in something vaster than the ever-changing human body.
We’ll delve into the Plutonic Path—a holy journey of resurrection, transformation, and personal growth that lets you be birthed and rebirthed by the Goddess Herself throughout this lifetime, No matter what ‘number’ you currently are. Through this path, you can unlock the true hidden potential and meaning of this incarnation.
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