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Invite the Inner Kali Power

Invite the Inner Kali Power

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For years, I've felt opening the Dark Mother was the antidote to fear of every kind. And not just Kali, but Black Madonna, Hecate, Persephone, any forms of the Underworld Goddesses who let us claim the shadow and invite radiant Divine confidence and courage.

In fact, I've felt She literally owns me. And If you are Plutonic, You yourself may feel the same. She is nothing to fear. In fact, She brings an atomic explosion of Inner Power that grounds you in your own Divine strength, bringing not the ego's agenda, but Her very Own.

So I've longed to help anyone who wishes go deeper into Her dazzling intensity. This embodiment of Ferocious Love is waiting within you, only needing a sincere welcome to begin.

When fully invited and surrendered to, She eventually creates a radiant rebirth that the ego itself could never orchestrate.

The class will include two 60-minute teaching calls interwoven with powerful meditations, and a one hour Q&A call. (All sessions have been pre-recorded.)

Knowing and embracing Her can help you navigate with strength and dignity the tumultuous situations that often bubble up right now with family and friends.

So If you’re ready to go deeper with that radiant inner courageous One, standing in Her own true power, well, She is waiting.

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