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2016 Archive 2

Call on 10/25/2016

  • Astrology Update: New moon in Scorpio, a powerful moon for completing things. We are in a forward motion cycle that will continue throughout the year.
  • Meditation: Ask to know your own beauty and radiance after offering a desire or deep longing to the Divine. You are home free when you can pray to be whole with or without your desires.
  • 34:43 Anxiety producing world tragedies and being wrapped up in them
  • 40:24 Conspiracy theories, alien forces making difficult things happen
  • 48:10 Guidance for parents whose children are going through difficult times
  • 56:08 Creating your own reality and illness
  • 1:04:23 Releasing grudges

Call on 10/18/2016

  • Mentioned in today's call, Tosha's video, "Dying to Love."
  • Astrology Update: Full Moon last Saturday in Aires, very fiery and explosive. Tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. California time, Mars conjuncts Pluto which is also very explosive.
  • Meditation: Tonglen Let the breath work for you instead of working hard at it.
  • 29:45 What does it mean to breathe out love in the Tonglen practice
  • 31:14 Law of attraction - Tosha's take on it
  • 49:49 Criticism of self and others, losing friends because of it
  • 56:26 Letting go and still wanting to control in relationships
  • 1:07:54 Chronic pain, struggling with letting go of wanting the pain to stop and things to be different
  • 1:11:45 The Human, The Divine and the Void

Call on 10/11/2016

  • Astrology Update: Full Moon Sunday at 23 degrees Aires, Sun opposes Uranus, Moon and Mercury squaring Pluto, Moon conjunct Uranus. We are coming to a tipping point. Inner evolution.
  • 1:00 Meditation - Grounding into the holy planet's center, allowing the earth to support you
  • 25:19 Passivity versus proactivity knowing how to hear Divine guidance
  • 36:20 Night time dreams and fear
  • 42:16 How to not make relationship decisions based on fear of being alone
  • 47:38 Tonglen and photosynthesis (nice explanation offered by a listener)
  • 49:31 Sinner hating God versus a loving God
  • 1:00:01 Making healthy decisions without being motivated by fear

Call on 10/04/2016

  • In this call, Tosha mentioned her video, "Dying to Love," as well as the course "Giving Your Love Life to Love."
  • Astrology Update: Pluto, Mars and Mercury are all direct. The sun will square Pluto on Thursday and Friday and Saturn will conjunct the moon on Thursday which
    will make for an easy tranquil time but also a bumpy time
  • 8: Meditation - Revisiting Tonglen, giving space for and welcoming all feelings
  • 29: What does offering to the Divine really mean? Am I in a place of quiet faith or sticking my head in the sand, pretending all is well?
  • 40: Using Tonglen as right practice; what it is and is not
  • 47: Old souls and Young souls
  • 1:02 A taste of the Self Forgiveness Workshop in New York

Call on 09/27/2016

  • In this call, Tosha mentioned the Psychic Development Series and Psychic Development 2.0, as well as the talk Secrets of the Sacred Coconut
  • Astrology Update: Pluto is going direct and Mars is in Capricorn today 9/27, which is about letting yourself feel what you need to feel. Forgo spiritual bypassing as emotions get stirred. Many shifts and transformations
  • 7: Meditation - Resurrecting the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tonglen, welcoming and breathing in "all" feelings without judgement, breathing out love so that the body becomes the furnace of transformation, i.e., Divine Fire
  • 22: Decision making and how to stop considering your big decision as belonging to the small egoic self, rather belonging to the Great self
  • 33: How to offer all desires to the Divine both personal and professional. What the nature of desire actually is
  • 38: Calming the monkey mind after handing over a problem to the Divine
  • 46: Are you Plutonic? How to not be the worst of Scorpio and Pluto (or any sign)
  • 56: Processing strong emotions such as anger, betrayal and fear so you can get to the clear understanding of "what's meant for me will always come"
  • 1:04 Soulmate clarity and understanding the nature of free will, karmic situations and freedom from obsession and desire.

Call on 09/20/2016

  • Opening Tonglen meditation
  • Astrology Update: Thursday, Mercury goes direct. Monday night, Pluto goes direct, the planet of death and rebirth. Tuesday, Mars goes into Capricorn. Forward motion through October, November, and December.
  • 37: Inviting in the Divine is an organic process
  • 40: Offering astrology practice to the Divine
  • 49: Inner union, and welcoming the inner lover
  • 53: Jealousy and competition
  • 62: Illness is between the individual and the Divine
  • Referenced in Today's call, the "Psychic Development Series" and "The Holy Union: Venus and Mars Meet Inside You."

Call on 09/13/2016

  • Mentioned in today's call, The Psychic Development Series and Psychic Development Series 2.0
  • Astrology update: everything in the deep, emotional world can get brought up, especially because the next eclipse is in Pisces.
  • 10: Meditation
  • 28: Cords in relationship to children
  • 34: Tosha's reflections on how we've had a great deal of challenging transits since 2012, and thoughts about the positive, enjoyable transits that are happening as well
  • 39: Working with guilt, blame, and shame in relationship with a parent who is moving towards death
  • 51: When there is strong love and connection in a relationship, and also challenging dynamics such as dishonesty and blaming
  • 1:01: Reflections on choosing parents for karmic lessons, and the levels of development they may be at
  • 1:07: Fear of loosing (or of feeling unworthy of) the blessings one has

Call on 09/06/2016 "The Tunnel Between the Eclipses" Call

  • Mentioned in today's call, Tosha's talk The Secrets of the Sacred Coconut and the class Balancing Giving & Receiving
  • Guided meditation
    5: Remarks on spiritual bypassing: spiritual processes and techniques can be used to deny one's humanity
  • 14: Astrology update: we're in a very transitional time. The next eclipse is in Pisces, which is very emotional, and it's good to let the human part feel whatever it feels. Mercury is retrograde, which brings back stuff from the past to clean up. On the 9th, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, goes into Libra, the sign of relationships. On the 10th is the final Saturn-Neptune square, "the fear package" (Saturn, planet of fear/karma. Neptune, planet of spirituality/illusion), and then Saturn trines Uranus (progressive, open minded, innovative changes)
  • 29: How the ultimate self-sufficiency is relying on the Divine
  • 38: How to know when the Divine is actually the one who's leading?
  • 47: Working with our attachment to "knowing"
  • 54: Practicing offering and self-forgiveness when you feel guilt/shame about past actions
  • 1:05: Working with parabdha karma as a therapist
  • 1:12: Closing meditation

Call on 08/30/2016 "The Bumpy Birth Call"

  • Astrology Update: We are coming up on the eclipses, which is like a birth canal and it can feel very bumpy. It's a good time to clean out what you don't need
  • 4: Meditation - the quiet presence at the heart
  • 37: Working with conflicting feelings about abundance
  • 52: How to respond (both internally and externally) when people are antagonistic towards your relationship with God
  • 59: Honoring human emotions, while also practicing surrender and detachment when experiencing a major loss
  • 1:06 Who is the inner child? Part of the ego?

Call on 08/23/2016 

Call on 08/16/2016 

Call on 08/09/2016

  • Brief, centering meditation
  • 03: Pranayama and why it's so helpful right now
  • Useful dates to know: Aug 13th Saturn goes direct, Aug 18th semi lunar eclipse, September 1st & 16th eclipses
  • 21: Meditation for opening to the Divine plan
  • 37: Closing the second chakra after being sexual and removing any cords that appeared
  • 41: "Svayambhu," Sanskrit for, "Knowing how to stand on your own two feet" Relying on God *and* relying on other humans in life
  • 46: Praying for openness, receptivity, and trust when much has been taken away.
  • 51: How to know what to do in situations that are deeply unfair
  • 1:00: How our draw/attraction to certain others can be a reflection of the qualities that want to emerge within ourselves
  • 1:07: Difficulty letting go of a relationship that's over, the nature of "karmic" connections

Call on 08/02/2016

  • Astrology Update: as Mars crosses into Sagittarius (and with the new moon in Leo), we're entering a whole new cycle. You may be feeing the big quiet that often comes before the shift. 2016 so far has been the hollowing out - what's coming up is the refilling.
  • 22: Meditation - the quiet of the Dark of the Moon
  • 35: Information about Saturn, the planet of karma
  • 39: Working with the tension between the desire to marry and the reality of impermanence
  • 46: Feeling insecure about one's body, and how to make friends with it
  • 1:00: Insect phobias
  • 1:05: Rituals for releasing the vows, agreements, and cords when a marriage is done
  • 1:08: Embodying the phrase, "I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is Well."

Call on 07/26/2016

  • Astrology Update - it's the final week of Mars in Scorpio, which is about cleansing by fire
  • 14: Meditation - opening to gratitude, feeling the presence of the inner divine at the heart
  • 30: How to reconcile our human needs for closeness and attachment with the spiritual longing to achieve union with our own Divine nature. Are they mutually exclusive?
  • 42: Working with racism in spiritual groups
  • 55: Can cutting cords help with the tendency to "pick up" others' feelings?
  • 1:01 What Tosha means by "God is sexy"

Call on 07/19/2016 Full Moon in Capricorn Call

  • Meditation: shake off any energy that does not belong to you
  • 9: Full moon in Capricorn: the beginning of the new growth showing in an external way
  • 28: Tosha's thoughts on the meaning/purpose of wedding ceremonies and wedding rings
  • 33: Signs and cords in professional, creative collaboration with others & offering the relationship to the Divine
  • 49: Nurturing the inner child
  • 1:04: Women's lower chakras in sexual relationships with partners who are not fully committed.
  • 1:13: Meditation on the Capricorn full moon

Call on 07/12/2016 (Mars in the Final Degrees of Scorpio)

  • Meditation: shaking off energy of others that does not belong to you
  • Mars at the final degrees of Scorpio: cleaning out the basement of your soul
  • 21 Day Gratitude Focus for the remainder of Mars in Scorpio (finding gratitude for just one thing each day)
  • Meditation: opening to receive the good that's meant for you
  • 30: Navigating decisions where much is at stake and disasters seem very possible
  • 41: How to work with the longing for a great love, as well as feelings of fear, doubt, and scarcity in regards to love
  • 48: Clearing memories and traumas from past lives
  • 55: How being in the present moment is necessary for practicing Metta
  • 57: The lightning rod/catalyst role of those who are very Plutonic in nature: working with the tendency to illuminate or bring up other peoples' shadow/karma, even without trying.
  • 1:06: Coming to terms with challenging aspects of our personality, things we might feel are flaws or shortcomings
  • 1:14: Using cord removal in intimate, sexual relationships, but not as a way to stay in a relationship that isn't right

Call on 07/05/2016 (The Mars Direct Call)

Call on 06/28/2016 (The Last Day of Mars Retrograde Call)

  • Meditation: the inner witness
  • 13: More on the Mars Retrograde in Scorpio and Chiron Retrograde
  • 29: More on how God is "sexy:" there's an incredibly deep eroticism to opening and surrendering in this way
  • 35: Working with the behavior of others that has a strong impact on you and others, but that you can't try to change: calling in a miracle and sending Metta
  • 39: The difference between when the life belongs to the small self and when it belongs fully to the Divine. How to take the offering deeper in your life - all the way to 100%
  • 53: More on how to work with the behaviors of others that you cannot change: pray to be able to release the resentment and send love

Call on 06/21/2016

  • Meditation: Pillar of the full moon's light into the seven chakras.
  • 28: Removing 2nd chakra cords with family members when you're feeling stuck and guilty in those relationships.
  • 35: Working with strong feelings of sadness and worry in relationship to a parent
  • 40: Unpredictable food allergies and relationship to the body's needs
  • 51: Becoming aware of when the inner voice is critical and mean towards others
  • 55: How to get through family traditions where a lot of time (but not a lot of space) is shared together
  • 1:04: Navigating complex and discouraging events in the job search
Call on 06/7/2016
  • Meditation for centering amidst turbulent transits - finding the calm, centered presence that you are in your heart
  • Teaching about how Mars Retrograde is for clearing out old anger and shifting the identity from the small self back to the inner Divine
  • 33: Deciphering signs, especially when they seem to conflict
  • 41: When you're having to work hard to get a partner to engage you
  • 45: Relating to toxic parents as a path of healing and growth
  • 1:01: Recognizing a pattern of consistently looking for a problem to solve
  • 1:09: Meditation - Offering your whole being back to Love
Call on 05/31/2016
  • 15: How manifesting intentions are different from offering intentions.
  • 20: More on the Mars retrograde - Mars retracing Saturn's steps from last summer over the final degrees of scorpio, reviewing the lessons of that time
  • 31: Healing from breakups and working with intensely painful emotions
  • 49: Uncertainty and confusion in job circumstances - when choices look like "mistakes"
  • 59: Working with Change Me Prayers when the heart has shut down from enduring many challenging situations
Call on 05/24/2016 (The "Karma and Relationships" Call)
  • 9: Meditation - Deserving to Receive
  • 23: Understanding the impact actions in past relationships and how to help resolve the karmas
  • 24: Dating - the difference between longing for a partner and feeling incomplete inside; learning to get fed on the inside
  • 52: The inner child - what it is and how to work with it
  • 1:02: Karma and the end of relationships - offering and opening to receive the highest plan, whatever that may be
  • Mentioned in today's call, Tosha's two classes on relationships, "Give Your Love Life to Love," and "The Holy Union: Mars and Venus Meet Inside You"
Call on 05/17/2016 (The "Regain your Inner Authority" Call)
  • 6: Meditation - the throne in your heart
  • 34: Closing the 2nd chakra and opening the heart as a way to avoid running other peoples' energy through your body while still remaining open and compassionate
  • 39: Practicing offering and surrender in romantic relationships
  • 45: How to shift even the deepest longings and desires
  • 58: When obstacles are part of the path vs. when they're a sign that you're on the wrong path
  • 1:09: Meditation - the throne in your heart, where you are free standing and autonomous
  • In today's call, Tosha mentioned her video, "Dying to Love," as well as her course, the Psychic Development Series
Call on 05/10/2016 (The "Don't Listen to Your Brain" Call),
  • Meditation: Yogic breathing
  • 29: Experiencing retrogrades as someone born under a retrograde
  • 31: Releasing financial issues to the Divine
  • 45: Tapping/EFT and other healing modalities
  • 49: Patterns in romantic relationships
  • 59: Fear/terror of offering one's life to the Divine
  • 1:07: How to discern the Divine plan among many desires
  • Tosha mentioned three courses in today's call, the Psychic Development Series, The Holy Union, and the free talk, Dying to Love
Call on 05/03/2016:
  • Meditation: Letting go of grasping and opening to receive.
  • Stories about people who lost their homes in floods and fires, and how those events were actually part of the Divine plan. Learning how to hold the higher vibration that allows you to look at all of life's events in this way.
  • 34: Navigating a tough job decision and life pressures
  • 46: Political comments on the Forum page
  • Meditation: releasing anger through pranayama
  • 1:00 Staying grounded when there's a lot of energy/Shakti in the body
  • Meditation: grounding by visualizing yourself as a tree
Call on 04/26/2016:
  • Meditation: Gratitude & The Inner Couch
  • 27: Offering one's business to the Divine
  • 37: Cultivating independence after separating from a partner
  • 41: Forgiveness and anger
  • 48: Challenging relationship with a parent
  • 58: Working with strong mystical experiences
  • 66: Insomnia
Call on 04/19/2016:
  • The "Mars Retrograde Gratitude" Call
  • 11: Meditation - Inviting in Gratitude 
  • 27: Story about resistance to what is
  • 34: Surrendering & taking action simultaneously
  • 40: Praying for your own child / Blessing what is
  • 50: Astrological readings - should you get one?
  • 1:03 Offering a situation instead of deliberating via small self
Call on 04/12/2016:
  • The “Knowing Your Wholeness & Releasing Attachment” Call
  • 13: Meditation - Accepting/Blessing what is 
  • 25: Story about attachment in relationship
  • 34: “Bad things” & calling in the Divine
  • 42: Astrological transits & physical symptoms
  • 45: Wanting a child
  • 50: Defining “blessing” & choosing the word that works for you
  • 1:00 Interpreting signs
  • 2nd Meditation (1:07) Remembering your Wholeness
Call on 04/05/2016:
  • The “Relationship” Call
  • 8: Meditation - Return to Inner Divine
  • 14: Story about seeing traffic light in the mind while asking a question 
  • 16 : Tosha’s examples about inner spanda vs. pushing
  • 27: Story about manifestation quote ("The universe is not McDonald’s.”)
  • 33: Polyamory & trust
  • 43: Dating & sex
  • 51: Job shift during economically challenging time
  • 56: Longing for a relationship 
  • 1:08 2nd Meditation Inner Divine & Blessing What Is
Call on 03/29/2016:
In this call Tosha mentions the Psychic Development Series.
  • The "Post Eclipse Tunnel Rest & Recovery Spa” Call
  • 14: Meditation - Blessing What Is
  • 27: Relationships & depression
  • 34: Confusion with finding & interpreting signs
  • 43: Parent of adult children suffering from anxiety, drug overdose
  • 49: Follow up story - deciding whether or not to leave a job
  • 55: Phobias
  • 1:06 2nd Meditation - Blessing what is / Resting in not knowing
 Call on 03/22/2016:
  • The “Eclipse” Call (eclipse tunnel & planet Chiron, healing & not being able to see/not know something)
  • 16: Meditation - Inner Authority 
  • 26: Anxiety & closing/opening chakras (Psychic Development Series)
  • 32: Suicide attempt - releasing, offering, forgiving 
  • 36: Anxiety & adult children, opening/closing chakras (Psychic Development Series)
  • 41: Discerning the messages of signs from the Divine & developing a sense of self/worthiness
  • 52: Offering/Surrendering to the Divine as a strategy to get what you want
  • 57: OO & Business
  • 1:03 Relationships & worthiness
Call on 03/15/2016:
Call on 03/08/2016:
In this call Tosha mentions the Psychic Development Series
Title: Offer Yourself To The Solar Eclipse  (The Divine) - it's a container for the new
  • :14 Teachings - how can you tell if it's been offered? You feel it - a spaciousness
  • :17 meditation- Offer to Holy Union of sun and moon meeting inside + outside of you
  • :32  How do I integrate God moments / insights into life?
  • :37  Reference to Psychic Development Classes
  • :40  Soul retrieval and letting go relationship with Mom - shedding toward authentic self
  • :49  My science foundation not getting money - struggling with surrender!?
  • :55  Does Divine call me to do something, like yoga class I created and only one person signed up, to teach me something?
  • 1:02  How do I let adult children live their paths while witnessing their suffering?
  • 1:09  How does offering differ from doing Change Me Prayers?

Referenced in today's call, the Psychic Development Series class and Tosha's talk "Secrets of the Sacred Coconut"

Call on 03/01/2016:

Eclipses - Letting the 'I' (Great Self) take care of small self 'Me' Call
Meditation: Root to centre of earth to release + receive support
  • :29   Could you expound on the phrase, Desires Into Preferences?
  • :35   Tosha mentions her YouTube video - Dying To Love
  • :37   Many endings to friendships and very lonely; what to do?
  • :44   What do I do when my health issues keep recurring? So tired of offering.
  • :49   How do I stand in my own self worth / connected to myself in abusive marriage?
  • :58   Is a partner ever a wrong choice or is there always something to learn and it's part of divine plan?
  • 1:07 How to pay attention to subtle blaming and barriers within as divine acting through me?
Call on 02/23/2016:

Eclipses and Listening To The Inner Authority/Intuition/Knowing 

  • :03   Meditation: Rooted to Earth / Connect at Heart to Inner Divine
  • :20   Eclipse Teachings - sense of being on hold
  • :28   Synchronicities after hacked credit card + flat tires
  • :35   How do you hear the Divine?
  • :39   How to know if to divorce partner of 5 kids?
  • :48   How do I open my Heart to love when I'm an idealist?
  • :56   How do I let God be my co-parent?
  • 1:02  Divorced and divided between feeling wholeness and desiring partnership
Call on 02/16/2016:
In this call Tosha references the class: Give Your Love Life to Love 
  • The "Crazy Week; Turbulent Energy" Call
  • Meditation: Ancient, strong tree, deeply grounded into Earth.
  • 11: Teachings about the eclipses
  • 24: Core value: money issue in relationship; stay or leave?
  • 35: Addicted to stress and angry defensiveness
  • 43: Words to use to access mindfulness
  • 46: Somatic reactions and moon phases
  • 50: Body image issues and living from inside out
  • 1:08 Distrusting feeling 'too good'
    Call on 02/09/2016:
    In this call Tosha references the class: Give Your Love Life to Love 
    Topic: Year of the Monkey 
    • 4: Meditation – Welcome the Flow
    • 10: Teaching – Year of the Fire Monkey
    • 13: Teaching – Giant Bamboo story
    • 26: Boyfriend seriously ill – not recognizing her, questioning the relationship and her role going forward
    • 36: Letting go of the outcome of a court settlement
    • 43: Hesitancy in working the 3rd Step in Codependents Anonymous
    • 50: How do we impact the divine plan with CMPs?
    • 58: Living with tight finances, due to own career choice, do I even have a right to ask for more when I chose to be in this position?

    Quote from Amy: “Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” Is from Anthony de Mello, 1931-1987 Modern-day mystic and Jesuit priest

    Call on 02/02/2016:
    In this talk Tosha references the course: Give Your Love Life  to Love. 
    Topic: Be Gentle 
    • 1: Meditation – relaxing into heart and releasing burdens
    • 9: Teaching – giving and receiving
    • 34: How to release feelings of anger
    • 39: How do you keep track of what is important?
    • 41: Do you, Tosha, get messages for people during the calls?
    • 42: Resistance patterns – clinging to power/refusing the Divine
    • 50: How to maintain a bond with the Divine?
    • 61: Do you see a force field of love like a force field of gravity?
    • 62: Beauty from a Divine connection
    • 66: How to talk about one’s experience with the Divine without sounding religious 
    Call on 01/26/2016:
    Topic: Whole New Chapter

    Meditation – Resting in Self – Inner Presence

    Teaching about experience on the silent retreat – creating inner Sabbath or breaks

    • 23: Questions - Money owed to you
    • 33: Individual astrological charts – deep wounds
    • 42: The personal Divine
    • 49: Blessings from releasing feelings
    • 56: CMP – Being seen – mother wound
    • 67: Developing a deep trust in the Divine

    Referenced in today's call, The Sounds True Interview with Tami Simon and Tosha and Tosha's talk "Secrets of the Sacred Coconut" .

    Addiction Call on 01/19/2016:

    • 9: Meditation – Addiction Metta Meditation
    • 19: Love and Acceptance Teaching
    • 33: Questions: Binging on Food
    • 40: Longing for deep intimacy
    • 51: Weight: Eat what you like?
    • 57: The wide variety of sizes of people – CMP about body
    • 62: Numbing and self-shaming
    • 63: Move out of the idea that the body is yours
    • 67: Addictions of loved ones
    Money Call on 01/12/2016:
    • 2: Meditation
    • 23: Questions – Supporting self through spiritual means
    • 33: Seeking direction and purpose
    • 42: Stress over finances – living so close to edge
    • 49: Am I sacrificing meaning for money?
    • 60: Spending too much money – dread of deprivation
    • 66: Meditation – Money belongs to the Divine
    Forgiveness Call on 01/05/2016: