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Tools of The Living Outrageous Openness Forum

This forum will bring the deepest changes when you really, really USE THE TOOLS. At any given moment one may be the ally you need.

There are many!

  • Clean your house of clutter
  • Break a coconut
  • Focus on the inner child, and practice self kindness towards her
  • Get emotions out, especially physically not just verbally. Break dishes or cry if you need to!
  • Make some time to be quiet and 'drop the old story.' Witness your mind rather than believe everything its saying
  • OFFER OFFER OFFER (aparigraha, vairagya, ishvara pranidhana ...non-grasping, detachment, surrender)
  • Pray to be able to let go
  • Do metta and send yourself blessings and the world too
  • Do the Full Abundance Change Me Prayer
  • Use the calls as an oracle to see what comes up
  • If you can, hear the weekly call more than once, a lot gets missed the first time

All of the tools will help, and there are many more but I would just go on and on :)

Use the Tools, but especially self-kindness!