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Balancing Giving and Receiving

Balancing Giving and Receiving


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Do You Sometimes Give Too Much and Then Resent It? Do You Have Trouble Receiving Help and Love? It’s an Easy Paradigm to Shift.

Part 1: Embracing Receptivity Pt. 1
Especially for over-givers, co-dependents, and “people who love too much”. The connection between breath and receiving. Welcoming divine assistance. Receptivity as a spiritual practice. How gratitude opens the flow. Includes a guided meditation. – 45 minutes.

Part 2: Embracing Receptivity Pt. 2
Balancing the inhale and exhale. Why giving to yourself first is essential. Refilling from the Divine. Handling impossible families (or partners). Help from plants, animals, and nature. Hand mudras to increase receiving. Includes a guided meditation. – 42 minutes.

Part 3: Giving Without Fear
Filling up on the inside. Moving out of grasping. Receiving the universal flow, the shakti. Letting the inner self reveal your secret gifts. Includes a guided meditation. – 47 minutes.

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