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No Worry Trilogy

No Worry Trilogy


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Does Your Mind Sometimes Drive You Crazy? Here’s Some Quick, Easy Help.

This MP3 series is a comprehensive, practical guide for befriending your mind and inviting the highest in every situation. Learn how to bring tranquility, clarity and peace to any problem. Covers how to protect yourself from psychic negativity within and without, fill up on the inside, release grasping, move with the universal flow and more. Each recording also contains guided meditations that are complimentary to the topic.

This trilogy is invaluable for healing and stabilizing the mind if you are experiencing Saturn, Pluto or Eclipse cycles. Helps one stay positive even under the most difficult transits.

Part 1: Don’t Worry, Send Blessings – 50 minutes.
Part 2: Still Worrying? More Solutions – 50 minutes.
Part 3: Secrets of Divine Order and Selection – 50 minutes.

“My friends know me as a ‘neurotic by nature’ New Yorker. So I was dubious when I was given this set as a gift. But, I have to say, it is RADICALLY restructuring how I think. I feel immeasurably calmer, clearer and happier in the last month. For me, that’s a miracle.”
—Jeanelle Grand, Brooklyn, NY

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