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Three Essential Courses for Right Now!

Knowing how to access the inner Divine Warrior is always invaluable. It knows how to do what the limited egoic self might never Imagine.

Surrender and offering have never meant powerlessness, in fact just the opposite. You begin to access hidden, courageous parts of your Self like never before...and It starts to lead the way.

People have often written me to ask ‘what courses will help me the most?’ I believe the most critical right now are Invite the Inner Kali Power and The Holy Battle: Triumphing Over Fear (which is broken into parts I & II). These courses work to both awaken that inner Divine Warrior and calm the nervous system.

Invite the Inner Kali Power

For years, I've felt opening the Dark Mother was the antidote to fear of every kind. And not just Kali, but Black Madonna, Hecate, Persephone, any forms of the Underworld Goddesses who let us claim the shadow and invite radiant Divine confidence and courage.

So I've longed to help anyone who wishes go deeper into Her dazzling intensity. This embodiment of Ferocious Love is waiting within you, only needing a sincere welcome to begin.

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The Holy Battle Part I


Now I’d been accessing and teaching about the inner warrior goddess for years but I’d never before considered fear itself so directly. I’ve now found you can truly say inside, 
“I am NOT available to be consumed. I belong to the Light. You cannot colonize my body or run me anymore.”

You can apply this to any kind of fear, day or night. An inner intention (or sankalpa in Sanskrit) is made that says NO. It arises from your own sacred Will, though it takes time and practice.

This practice is actually the perfect compliment to all the others I teach like surrender and offering. But here the inner Divine warrior taps into that ferocious force of Will.

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The Holy Battle Part II

“Grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Tosha couldn’t be happier with how the Holy Battle course inspired so many of you.

The deluge of powerful, heartfelt questions and stories she received make it clear how needed the course is. So she taught a Part 2 with an additional four calls to anchor the topic more deeply.

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