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How "Outrageous Openness" was Born

23 Mar

The stories in this book were adapted from two years of writing as the SF Spiritual Examiner.  Because of my long history as an astrologer, I initially assumed the columns might be about how to best navigate current and upcoming planetary cycles.  But, over time I realized I mostly adored discussing how to “align with the Divine”, independent of life’s endless fluctuations.

I know without doubt that a Force of Love exists that can guide, help and interact with each of us in the most intimate and practical way no matter what the conditions.

If only we know how to invite It in.

My overriding passion for inviting and dancing with this Force eventually gave birth to this book.

By the time I began the Examiner column in 2009, I had spent 25 years giving nearly 30,000 readings to people from all over the world.  I saw that even though each situation was unique, the questions in most hearts were similar.  “How do I stop worrying?  How can I know that things will work out?  How can I feel safe?”  And often, “Why do I feel so alone?”  Though there are ways to look at an astrology chart or tarot cards to foretell cycles of relative ease or challenge, I felt that particular information itself could never begin to address people’s deepest needs and longings.

So I began to weave into sessions what had transformed my own life, the principles of Divine Order and Source gleaned from reading Francis Scovel Shinn, a metaphysician from the 1940′s.  Divine Order says that the perfect solution to any problem is already selected if you allow yourself to be guided; Divine Source says there is a natural Universal Abundance that knows how to meet every need.  Harmonizing with this Force of Love–call it the Shakti, God, Goddess, One Mind, whatever you will–is the golden key to everything.

If a state of radical openness, acceptance, and attention is held.

Some of my long-time callers were actually people with years of spiritual practice of one kind of another, yet they often felt confusion, fear or worry.  Even if they meditated, chanted or practiced yoga, they didn’t always have practical tools for aligning with the Divine every day.

Others had either grown up in doctrinaire religions that left them spiritually alienated or were just confirmed cynics on the whole topic.  But I found that sometimes even the most ironic or skeptical people could use the techniques in this book and witness surprising miracles in the most seemingly mundane areas of life.

Anyone can learn how to move with these Divine principles.  Eventually the individual ego’s drive to ‘make things happen’ falls away, replaced with a relaxed, trusting openness to answers as they spontaneously arise.  These tools are truly accessible to anyone, and grow markedly stronger with practice.  Synchronicities and magic unfold with more and more frequency, strengthening one’s innate trust in the process.

One only needs to be willing to be



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