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Invite the Help

02 Sep

So if you read my books you know I consider almost nothing random (except when it is:)) and signs bloom in wild ways when we're open. Even in traffic.

So I was just on Highway 880 heading past Oakland when I somehow got stuck behind a stalled car. The guy was on his cell and there I was, trapped behind him, with mega-traffic to both sides. Even with my signal on and my arm out, NO ONE was gonna let me go. For about the next 10 minutes I sat there in the rumbling din of traffic, amazed.

But finally (yes, I occasionally forget too) I began to just pray my buns off... "Please, please, PLEASE send a kind soul who will let me the heck out!"

Twenty seconds later, a trucker slowed down, flashed his lights and beckoned.

I drove away thinking, holy jeez, what a metaphor. I REALLY couldn't get out without the help, and ALL I had to do was ask. I thought about how shifts come at the right time when we pray to receive them.

Ironically, THIS post I'd written in 2013 arrived as soon as i got home. Take if you need:))

"If the universe wants you do to something, never, EVER worry. It will either give you the ability to do it or it will send the right help if you are open. Allow me Divine Beloved to always let the right assistance come. I welcome your help in every way and take absolute delight in receiving it."

I am Yours.
You are Mine.
We are One.
All is well.

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  • CLaudia on

    That happens to me all the time since I remember…asking for a parking space, for no traffic, etcetcetc…
    I must say I love your books and stories that relate to real life and not just spiritual mumbo-jumbo generally spread by rigid humans who believe they own the patent to truth and spiritual growth.

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