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A Divine Ménage

06 Mar

Someone asked me how I had felt being ‘single’ on Valentine’s Day. And to be honest, I was struck dumb for a moment while I puzzled over what those words even meant...

Because, you see, ever since my thirties I’ve felt ‘married to god’. And no, not in that nun-and-black-habit kind of way. I mean in a way that could joyously include a partner. But without question, I gave my heart to Love, and That was who I utterly and completely belonged to.

So, no joke, the word ‘single’ just makes zero sense to me. When I try to hold it in my mind, it feels like marbles rolling all over a tile floor. How indeed CAN you be single when the Divine is your constant companion and might even be writing this very post?

(Unless perhaps you mean 'cosmically single' since All is One and there can never actually even BE an Other in truth?)

Anyway, I’ve often mused the right partner of whatever gender would want to be in some kind of crazy ménage a trois with God... And if that was needed, the Divine would sure be smart enough to know exactly how and when to bring it.

But no matter. Because otherwise I’m spending today like every other, good or bad, inspiring or terrible, with that compassionate and ferocious Beloved One.

A human partner a most lovely idea but highly, highly optional:)

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