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27 Nov

I usually keep a pretty clean diet because I really suffer when I don’t. I try to avoid processed foods, gluten, dairy, and sugar and focus on lots of veggies, fruits, and protein.

Anyway, a few months ago I discovered this local spot that makes the MOST amazing pumpernickel bagels ever. From a former East Coast Jew, that's saying a lot.
Well, eventually this bagel-flirtation grew into a full-blown obsession. I had to have one every day. I'd think as I drove up each morning, “Well, at least it's not cocaine or heroin. It's pretty innocent ...” But, while they might be fine for someone else, I'd feel sluggish and exhausted within an hour… a true glutenpalooza. I’d sneeze and sneeze after. And though I tried to stay away... I just couldn't.

Then last week I couldn’t take it anymore. I prayed with total conviction, "Oh my dear Divine, who made even these most ravishing and seductive of dark bagels... Please, please free me. I can’t keep on!”

Yet, the next day, back like clockwork. I put down my dollar but this time the guy glowered and barked, “No. It’s $1.25."

I didn't see the price had changed overnight, "Wait, I’m confused. It’s a dollar, right?"
Suddenly, he began screaming, "No! NO NO NO!! No more dollar! $1.25! You CRAZY lady? You go away NOW! NOW!!! NOW!!! No dollar!"

His family rushed out from the back and started in too, his wife yelling at the top of her lungs, even his usually quiet and demur mother ranting. His normally adorable little kid waved a dirty towel like a victory flag and yelled NO NO NO!

So I smiled and handed him back the bagel still warm in its paper bag. I made a small bow. "Wow, Thank you for helping me!" I meant it. He looked at me like I truly was now insane.

And finally, thank heavens, I am done.
Out of Bagel Prison.
The Divine answers prayers in the most creative ways if invited.

So….I can’t help asking. What do You want to be freed from?
It might just be one desperate prayer away.

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  • MARLA on

    Oh dear “MOT” Hghest Princess: Altho just discovered you and your fabulous mishagas—THIS scenerio the best example of the Universe answering us! This story is absolutely ’Bagelicious"…honey….and who would want to digest ANYTHING that came from his yucko energy. I am a new fan and plan on reading your book,etc. Much appreciation for you putting yourself out there in the way that you do;bagels and ALL!
    TaTa for now….more later! Marla,Atlanta via NJ. Yasher Koach!

  • Jyoti Kumari on

    I want to freed from the yearning for my Twin flame and his memories, and the inability to feel love for myself when that’s all I pray for day and night. It’s probably my prarabdha of being self-hating for many years – so much so that I ended up getting an autoimmune disease? The cold response I receive from within every time I say this prayer you had given in an interview , “Allow me Divine beloved to love myself”, is very funny, suffocating and painful – all at the same time. It feels like someone inside me is angry at me for being self-destructive for nearly a decade and a half and is taking revenge from me by making it difficult to even feel the prayer or feel the love or stay with the feeling of love for too long. Hahaha! It’s a roller coaster ride. But I feel relieved to have atleast started with the ride.

  • Natalie Ross on

    This is so funny!!! I love how the divine has the greatest sense of humor. I’d honestly like to be freed from so many things. Over Thanksgiving a great big veil was lifted, and my whole life was shaken up. I want to be freed from feeling like I’m not doing enough when I surrender my desire to make things happen. I want to be freed from feeling like I’m always starting at square-fucking-1, and just when it feels like I’m getting somewhere, everything gets shaken up. Ah, sigh. Thank you for your guidance. I hope to report back with hilarious ways my prayers have been answered. :)

  • Ouida on

    That was awesome and I just laugh and smile. I needed this because I too have some addictions and need to get rid of lots bad habits: example, playing games on my phone every day sometimes for hours more than once. I read the CMP and turn it over to the Divine. I feel so relieve and finally I have not only faith but also the confident I will stop doing it by letting the Divine takes the lead and not my ego. I know I feel relaxed when I do the games but taking up your book and read instead, I can say your prayers means so much to me. I see where it is working already. I turned over everything to the Divine. Thanks, thanks for such Divine writings. Blessings

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