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Blessing the Obstacles

22 Apr

Lord Ganesh, the sublime elephant God, is said to not only remove obstacles, but to also BRING the ones that are Divinely needed. So you never know WHERE you’re being guided by that cancelled date or delayed ‘plan’. Often the Divine has a set-up far beyond what the small self is desperate to hatch. If the issue is offered to the Divine, everything that’s meant to be blossoms in the right time and way.

A few weeks ago my manager Matt asked if I’d like to have a filmed conversation with an author whose work I enjoyed. I said sure. Since she was coming to town, he went ahead and booked a new videographer.

Well, late the night before the filming, the author emailed to cancel. And I know conventional reactions would be to feel really dissed or slighted by all this. But Matt and I both felt the same way in the moment, “Nope, it doesn’t matter. Instead of being mad, let’s just figure out why the heck the Shakti guided us to book this camera since the videographer will be here in eight hours!”
We were sure there was a Plan. (Yes, pretty much the message of OO so kinda sad if I didn’t actually think this way:)). I offered the whole mess to the Divine 100%.

Suddenly I realized that since it was right before Easter I honestly had a burning longing to talk about the crucifixion. So that’s actually how the Easter video a lot of you have seen came to be. And I could only do that solo, it wouldn’t have worked had the other author come.

And not only was THAT piece made but I was surprised to see once this playful yet super-efficient camera-gal arrived how much I liked doing these video talks. Hey, I’d always thought I was just a radio person, but who knew? Jeez, I actually loved it. So more will come.

And all because of that one cancelled appointment. Bless that sweet author for jumping ship! Seriously.

So I’d love to hear about a cancellation or delay that brought something AMAZING into your life. This has happened so damn often, I fully trust it, and it's one of the many reasons I never bother manifesting anything. God’s plan has proved to be infinitely better so many times I can only giggle and say….please please please, I offer myself to You. Do what You will.


Om Gung Ganapataye Namah!

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