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Ntozake Shange

14 Jun

Someone just wrote me and said, "Hey what IS this? Are you running some crazy religion or somethin?"

And all I can say is, OMFG what a nightmare THAT would be!

No, I'm no guru, I'm no savior, nada. I'm a writer, a highly imperfect Being, and all you'd have to do is spend 5 minutes with my wacky, flawed self to know that. I simply fell in love with the Divine in my own heart, and anyone deeply motivated can do that. To me, EVERYONE is a god or goddess. Most of us just forget.

So somehow a few years ago, I figured out some stuff and felt guided to share it. After thirty years of giving readings I saw most people chased the answers on the outside; I wanted to focus the lens within, to where Love runs through your own veins. And I wrote a book or two (with more coming) to help folks do that.

I always liked a poem by the wonderful playwright Ntozake Shange. Maybe you know it. "I found God in Myself and I loved Her, and I loved Her, and I loved Her... fiercely." Anyone can learn to live like that; it's the real key in the lock.

Then the whole universe stops being seen as an ATM, a slot machine, or a shopping mall. It becomes your willing and waiting Lover.

Everything changes.

And hey, if THAT's a religion, well then, please please sign me up.

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