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Surrender & Mercury Retrograde

14 May

So for those who keep asking why the heck this book tour is starting under a wild and wacky Mercury Retrograde...Read on!

1) Well first, cuz that's when my publisher Simon and Schuster put it...partly cuz the paperback version of 'Outrageous Openness' will come in August too. I COULD have made a big battle and tried to move each book a month later, but it would have been a mess. And why bother? That's the date the Divine picked so I'm happy to go with that.

2) If you REALLY apply the ideas from my books to life, Mercury Retro is nothing to 'fear.' Yes, inevitable snafus and the intense need for flexibility and improv often arise. But if you truly WANT 100% to live in union with that Flow, then the Universe teaches you how. And Merc Retro is a good time to practice that.

It's such a different approach than 'How do I USE the planets to get everything the ego wants? How can I get the maximum attention, profitability, etc at any cost? "
Instead, You're saying "How can I let the planets use ME for the Highest good? How can I learn what I need to learn from this? How can I say Yes to What Is?"
Once you do THAT, God can make any transit a blessing!

So If She picked Mercury retro, then I'm ALL in. To me Offering is the key so since the Book and Tour both have been offered fully to Love, each step will be shown. She'll open the way as needed...tho I'll bet you ANYTHING I'll have some REALLY nutty stories for you as I go!

(Quick sidenote. When I went to India in 2000, I flew under Mercury Retro AND a total solar eclipse both. It was the only ticket I could find and folks said, "OMFG, you're an astrologer. Are you nuts??" It was one of the happiest, best trips of my life. Trusting the Divine, offering All, and not vibing with Fear changes everything.)

3) I'm pretty darn wacky myself so not really scared of that (unlike spiders :)) Just get fluid, get flexible, offer it all over, and FLOW.

Take if you need!

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