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The Wayward Yogini

11 May

I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life, for I am allowing God to be in absolute control and guide me in all proper actions.

Catherine Ponder

Last Thanksgiving, I heard from Maura, a local yoga teacher who was terrified because her classes were shrinking. She wanted to know why.

As we talked it got apparent. She constantly calculated the number of students she would need to pay her bills. She saw herself in anxious competition with any other teacher. And she envisioned a diminishing pool of potential private sessions as money got tighter in the current economy. With rising fear, she tried to constantly corral and manipulate new folks to pay her bills. Yet when folks felt her grasping, they understandably fled.

In short, she had one major problem. She had turned each potential student into her Source.

But there’s a whole other way.

“What if you saw yourself as lucky to have work that relieves suffering?” I asked. “What if your ‘bottom line’ belonged to God, and your only role was to serve with as much love as possible?”

“You mean do my classes for free?” she scoffed. “What about my bills?”

“No, no, you can charge,” I continued, “but if you shift your energy out of your lower survival chakras, and move into your heart, a miracle will come. If you see the Divine as your Source, the funds can arrive from wherever It picks. You could apply this to any livelihood, but jeez, you’re teaching yoga! How the heck can you leave God out of the equation?"

“And anyway,” I went on. “There’s no such thing as competition. You attract people by your own nature. The people who are drawn to your particular energy will always find you. You don’t have to worry if there’s a yoga studio on every block."

Maura grimaced. “Well, in Berkeley there actually is.”

“Yeh, but no one else is YOU.”

So she prayed steadily for the next few weeks,

I’m now available to receive anyone who can benefit from my teaching. Let all who need me find me. Let me help relieve suffering. The Divine is my complete Source for all prosperity and will provide.

As she released her grasp, her classes started filling once more. She also began offering some free ones to those in need.

And she remembered why on earth she had been drawn to teach yoga in the first place.

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