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Marrying Kali

23 May

A heart does not choose. ~Colette

But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for. ~Billy Joel

Perhaps because of retro-fifties moldy tomes that still hang around like The Rules, I get plentiful calls from women fearful about relationships.   Even ones who are otherwise strong and capable, of any sexual orientation, still ask stuff like, “Did I say too much?”  “Should I have been more coy?” or “Why didn’t I play it cooler?”

But the forces of karma need no manipulation.  After all these readings to all kinds of people, I know one thing for sure:  if you’re destined to be with someone, nothing can stop it. You won’t need to rope, trick or drug them into loving you. Those books that leave women terrified of just being themselves are somehow both tragic and hilarious at once.

A psychic teacher of mine used to say, “Karma is like a train. When it pulls up, it’s almost impossible not to get on. And, for that matter, not to stay on until the last stop. For better or worse.”

Here’s my proof.

A guy named Eli called to say he had reunited with his ex, Elsa. Beside himself with delight, he wanted me to look at their charts for potential wedding dates. Suddenly, I remembered our initial reading the year before.

“Whoa, wait a minute!" I yelled. “Wasn’t she the crazy chick who threw out all your clothes? You’d called me from your bathrobe, remember?”

Eli laughed as he reminded me that they had a huge blowout one night and he left the next morning for a business trip. While he was gone, Elsa, an Aries-artist-with-Leo-moon-total-Kali-incarnation if there ever was one, was still enraged. So she took all his clothes, shoes, hats, even his precious vintage motorcycle jacket, and sold the whole lot at Crossroads Trading. (No Goodwill donations for this firecracker.  She was gonna make some bucks off the deal to boot).

Then she took the money and moved out.

He went to his IT job in sweats and flip-flops for a week until he could get new threads.

Yet now they were reunited and planning to wed.

“You know,” he confessed, “she’s a creative genius. And yes, she’s a complete and total maniac. But she’s my maniac. I’d be bored to death with anyone else.”

He recently wrote to say the union remains “blissfully tempestuous.” And what more could you want if you choose to marry Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Rebirth?

That’s just how karma is. When something is right, prior lifetimes carve patterns of energetic familiarity and recognition. A template forged in the fires of the past clicks back in. People just fit.

Yiddish has a good word for this resonance, bashert. Meant to be.

So you can relax and be yourself.

If it’s bashert, no need to behave "properly." You’re not auditioning for a Broadway play.

And if it’s not…well, you’ve probably just been saved a whole lot of trouble.

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