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Let God Surprise You

23 Dec

I honestly don’t try to manifest a thing. Learning tricks to ‘get more of what the small self wants’ feels empty, since I deeply want the Divine to take over. To me, that Love itself can be invited to use and fill ANY of us, more and more each day, is ridiculously exciting. The rest is icing on the cake.

Even during crazy times (and omg, I’ve had plenty) there’s a reliable prayer. “Ok, God, I don’t know why this is happening, but just take me over, show the way. Show me the actions. Make me open, make me Yours. I am Yours alone.”

Actually, many old souls (regardless of age) come to feel like this. What's interesting is what happens when you get OUT of the way. Miracle after miracle, even tiny ones. Often the weirdest, smallest needs get addressed.

You learn to dance with the Flow.

Yesterday I stopped at a pastry shop to try their cocoa. I asked if I could taste a little first, since I like it bitter. The teenaged counter girl smiled but said she couldn’t give samples.

I said ok and got ready to leave.

At that moment a drunk guy stumbled in, demanding hot chocolate and two churros (Mexican pastries). When the girl brought out the drink he began to yell, “Hey, I didn’t ASK for this, you idiot! I only asked for churros!”

Now this server was amazing, smiling through it all. She didn’t even bother arguing, totally self-composed. I felt inspired just being around her. The guy threw a big wad of cash on the counter, grabbed his pastry and pushed out the door, cursing all the way.

And leaving behind his hot, untouched drink.

The girl and I looked at each other. “Hey, lady, didn’t you ask to taste this? Well, I guess he just bought you one.”

“Yep, perfect,” I said.
We both laughed.

And it was.

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