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A Li'l Bit of Astrology

15 Dec

Right now Saturn, the Glorious Lord of Karma, is finishing up the very last degrees of Scorpio until December 23. The last THREE degrees to be precise. So what's that mean?

It's a HUGE completion of the lessons of the last three years.

So, nay nay nay, you are NOT crazy if it's like you're walking through absolute pitch-dark, feeling your way by pure touch. There's just stuff we CANNOT see, nor are we meant to, as the final degrees of Scorpio, the sign of Death and Rebirth, get completed. Then Saturn hits Sag on the Dec 23 for the first time in 30 years, and certain puzzle pieces will be ready to be shown. Appropriately timed soon after Solstice.

That's just how this works. Right now is a GREAT time, btw, to invite the Divine to help you release all you don't need. My own life looks a little like a demolished forest... But as a good friend said yesterday: some forests get a controlled burn to let the growth come back in a new and timely way. So Kali's been enjoying Herself with one helluva pack of matches :))

"Change me Divine Beloved into One who offers ALL to You. Let me trust where You are leading, even amidst times of deep, deep transition. Guide me in Your arms, let me rest in the Mystery. May I joyously release ALL that is outgrown or unneeded.

I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is well."

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