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On Mistakes

20 Mar

The Shakti (Inner Divine) can work in so many mysterious ways when you open to Her long-range astonishing vision. So I can only laugh at this one...

Last year, I spied a wooden clothing trunk online at Cost Plus. It was super adorable, very Rajasthani Indian, and came in red or brown. I ordered the red to go with my bedroom rug. A few days later it arrived but they had 'accidentally' sent the brown. I shlepped the trunk back to Cost Plus to exchange it. They apologized and gave me a new one in a sealed box marked RED in big letters.

When I got home and opened it up...yep, brown again.

Ok, by then I did have a wild flare-up of "omfg, are You kidding?" but in the back of my mind was also, "Dear God, I wonder what you're trying to tell me?" To be honest, I couldn't see it because the brown really WAS too dark for the bedroom.

So I returned it yet again.

The third time they got it 'right.' And while it was ok in the bedroom I'd occasionally laugh and think, "Wow, I don't love it, was it worth all that trouble?"

But here's the deal..

Six months later, like many of you, I'm massively cleaning out and reorganizing my place in this eclipse cycle. And suddenly I see, as if TOTAL blinders were over my eyes, that the trunk makes the Divinely perfect coffee table in my living room! I could finally ditch the monstrosity which has been there forever.

So It was actually never meant for the bedroom at all. I simply couldn't see the Plan six months back.

However there's only one catch...

This afternoon I have to paint it brown.

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