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The Exalted Barista inside You

03 Dec

Ok, I've had a theory forever that many of the best spiritual teachers on the planet aren't famous in the limelight at ALL but just 'regular' folks doing their lives with great joy and dignity. I saw that yet again today.

For years I've been going to a certain cafe most days to get my matcha. And there's this guy, maybe mid-twenties, who I've always noticed cuz it's just inspiring...he's in the middle of what is always the early morning shitstorm of orders and demands with total equipoise, graciousness and cool. Friday I watched as a woman screamed at him for a full minute when he gave her soy instead of skim milk, and he responded with total kindness and love the whole way. Yesterday someone else went at him (under these harsh transits) and once again, total love.

Finally today I said, "Mark, what is UP with you? How do you do this? It's hard being a barista, a friend of mine quit after three days. You've done it for years."

He laughed. "Four years ago I figured it out. You can control almost NOTHING but your reaction. Almost nothing. So I decided to become a master of reaction. Then each day is a way to practice more. The craziest people give you the biggest workout."

"I love that," I said. "And you know, you have!"

Take if you need under all those Saturn squares that are finishing anyway, but just in case!

'Change me Divine into One who can move with the Flow and respond with the greatest clarity, grace and peace. I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is Well."

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