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The Amnesiac Garden

06 Oct

When all actions are offered 100% to the Tao from the depth of your heart, everything unfolds according to Divine Order in the right time and way. You needn't have anxiety. The deepest needs of your heart are known.

This morning a friend told me her huge, gorgeous garden was covered in unexpected frost when she woke up. She instantly thought, "Oh man, all those months of hard, hard work! All Lost!"

She immediately offered all the vegetables and plants to the Divine and said, "Ok, whatever! Whatever is meant to be, will be. I surrender." As she brought the food inside she realized most plants had survived the frost just fine. And whatever did not, was not 'hers' anyway to worry about.

Then she said to me, laughing, "I just got total spiritual amnesia and forgot for a minute Who all that lettuce and zucchini belonged to in the first place!"

Change Me Divine Beloved into One who offers ALL to You knowing all occurs in the right time and every way.

I am Yours. You are Mine. All is well. We are One.

-Tosha Silver

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