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When Desires Become Preferences

29 Sep

"Let your raging desires become Preferences. That is YOUR part. After that, all things will be done FOR you and THROUGH you, not BY you."

Nisargadatta Maharaj

I always loved this quote by the great nondualist Indian saint but honestly couldn't figure out for the LIFE of me how someone with a passionate nature could actually DO this. Then I realized, like everything else, there's a Change Me Prayer. The Divine will do for you what the ego could never do for itself.

And yes, said over time, it works.

"Change Me Divine Beloved into One who lets You turn even the deepest longings into Preferences. Free me from my suffering and bondage. Let detachment dance in my soul.

Let me trust that You fulfill EVERY need abundantly in right timing when I align my heart with Your own. All true needs are already known. May I offer myself completely. May your perfect plan lead the way. Let me always trust You.

I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is well."

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