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The Divine Road

15 Feb

(or why "Manifesting" is so damn limited)

Someone wrote me recently to say she loved "Outrageous Openness" but found since she read it sometimes things got much HARDER for a bit...until they became more peaceful and easy. She finally had a companion she could trust in the Divine. She wondered if I'd comment.

Yes and yes! The book is all about Offering: surrendering agendas to Love Itself. And honestly, sometimes when you sincerely do this a period of loneliness or even emptiness comes while god REMOVES what no longer works. Believe me, this has happened to me plenty!! There's an ebb and flow of emptying and receiving. And there are ALWAYS challenges. That's part of human incarnation :)

So yes, it CAN be painful! But this makes room for a Divine Plan to enter later. A vacuum HAS to be created to receive the New, especially if you've outgrown a lot but are still holding on. Just trying to manifest a bunch MORE solves NOTHING.

So this is very DIFFERENT than giving the Universe shopping lists and timelines to manifest junk. Genuine offering actually takes the ego out of the driver's seat (where it makes attachment and grasping) and says to Love, "Let me do Your bidding. Let me genuinely want the Highest to occur. Let me trust that ALL of my needs are always met and You know my heart's deepest longings. Free me from addictions and obsessions. May all happen for the Good!"

And amazingly it DOES. You may have to wait and even walk a dark road for a bit, but does. The Divine becomes your trustworthy ally in every way, even during tests and difficulties. And the Highest DOES occur vast and amazing ways the ego could NEVER, ever dream up!

I can promise you that. And probably others on this page who are living the same could say that too. Feel free to share if you feel.

And if this all just sounds crazy, I definitely recommend reading (or re-reading) the book.

-Tosha Silver

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