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The Yoga Jam

23 Feb

So the other week, I showed up for a vinyasa class with a visiting 'name', a real mob scene. The woman at the door pointed at a huge waiting crowd and said 'Well, you better push your way thru somehow and grab a space. Be forceful. Otherwise you'll be shut out BIG time. Some have been anxiously waiting for like an hour.”

So I laughed and said, 'Ok wait! What?? This is yoga, right? No need to push or nab anything. If I'm meant to be there one last spot will wait ...and if not ...well, you know, I'll just go somewhere else. Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing ‘Imitation Game’ down the street."

She looked at me like I was maybe deranged. But eventually I was the last one to get inside that hot, insanely crowded room, where one single perfect spot awaited right at the door. (Great cuz you could actually get some air that way.) Guess God wanted me to stay. And it definitely was fun.

But honestly, WHY on earth would you EVER want to live any other way? What’s meant for you will always be ‘held.’

So take if u need

--Tosha Silver

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