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THE HOLY EARRING REUNION (and Mercury moves out of shadow)

30 Jun

Ok if you use my books, you know signs come in the craziest ways. You just have to notice. And if you follow the fB page (, you may remember a few weeks ago, as Mercury was going retro, I accidentally broke a vendor's mirror, then bought a set of earrings to make her happy. When I got home, I found one of the earrings had vanished anyway. All typical cuckoo Mercury.

Well, this past Friday was important (not only because of Marriage Equality) but cuz Mercury returned to the degree where it was BEFORE that crazy retro started in May. A 'Return of Motion' day.

And as I walked down Market Street, suddenly this lady started laughing and yelling out of nowhere. "Hey, you! Yes, You! YOU'RE the one who broke my mirror!!" Couldn't believe she found me again.

Because she did, I was able to easily replace the lost earring with no effort. Sometimes something you 'lost' under the retrograde replaces itself or returns with no effort at all.

A sidenote. Back when the original was lost and I posted on fB, someone wrote me who had a similar one. She kindly offered to send it as part of a proposed very complicated 'trade'. I thanked her but said if I was meant to have the earring's mate, the Divine would take care of it Herself without my jumping through a lot of hoops. I think there's a funny metaphor in all of that for almost anyone...far beyond cute, funky jewelry.

(And I honestly believe the true key to all of this is remembering Who it All actually belongs to in the first place. Offer, offer, offer, detach, and you may be very surprised by the outcome. About almost anything.)

Take if you need!

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