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A Short Love Letter to NYC

24 Jul

I woke up this morning remembering when I visited NY last October. It had been seven years since the last trip, and some people were saying, "Oh, it's REALLY changed. You won't like it anymore, blahblahblah."

Anyway, I got off the train at Penn Station and just stepped into that familiar, wild, madhouse blur that you never really forget. And right in the middle of everything, in their leotards and all, Superman and Wonder Woman were making out. Yep, they were. Just like this might be vaguely normal. With everyone, of course, completely ignoring them.

(Now THAT's what I'm talking about havin an equal:)). Found out later Comic-con was going on.)

Then came my first 'welcome to NYC' convo of the day. I was headed down 14th Street and a guy walks up. "Lady!! I like dat shirt! Gimme dat shirt, I wanna buy it for my girl! Take it off! How much you want?"

I look down to remember what it is: a silk turquoise tunic from India sprinkled with sequins, a favorite.

"Um, no...Man, I'm WEARING this!" I start laughing. "I'm not gonna take it off and sell it! Am I supposed to walk around in a freakin bra? Anyway, I like it too."

"Nah, I'm SERIOUS, I wanna buy it! How much?"

And he pulls out a huge wad of bills and starts waving them at my nose. "Serious, dude, serious. She'd loove it!" I'm just laughing harder and walk away..

I think happily, "Omg, you know what? It can honestly NEVER change here. I'm sure that's actually karmically impossible."

So glad to be coming back.

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