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When Vision Boards Aren't Enough

27 Jun

You’re familiar with these, right? You know, people cut out photos and words of all the stuff they want and paste them on a board. It’s a simple Law of Attraction technique to focus the soul’s intention on manifesting desires. And while that’s an occasionally effective idea, it’s actually a highly limited way to approach the world.

I’ll tell you why.

While it’s true, to some extent, we create the world through our thoughts, feelings and expectations, that’s too simplistic an explanation. There’s a Sanskrit term, “Parabdha Karma:" the lessons that someone came to learn in a given life. A Divine AGENDA that a soul comes to master far beyond what the ego could request or even imagine. And this is why every longing is NOT meant to instantly come true, no matter how much someone fixates or what the Secret promised.

Here’s an example. When I was in my twenties I had a wildly intense desire to travel. I kept a file packed with pictures of Morocco, Japan, India, all the spots I longed to see. I couldn’t wait to go!

But here’s the truth. For the next thirty years, one way or another, I was almost always kept from traveling. So many trips I organized were cancelled, it became funny. And no, it wasn’t because I felt unworthy like some life coaches might say. My own parabdha karma simply had a whole other plan.

Eventually I surrendered and came to understand. I sensed I had spent many, many incarnations running all over this beautiful planet; I was born with a true gypsy heart. But in THIS life I had to learn a much deeper lesson. However painfully, I had to learn how to be present wherever I was in the Now...and bless it all.

Without going anywhere.

I’m sure in other lifetimes I played hooky from that particular course. But the gig was up; this life I really have to let go. Over time, my lust for travel went from a raging need to a calm preference. And I now can see that my writing, teaching or even spiritual opening would never have occurred without this short, sometimes agonizing, leash.

Ironically, all these years later, I’m starting to take a trip or two. But now I’m content, with or without. I guess you could say I’m no longer a slave to my passport.

A whole other world opens when you begin to say,

“Let Love take the lead in my life. Let me offer myself completely to the Highest so all may occur that needs to happen. Let me be a true blessing on the planet. Let the universe use me for the greatest good. I am available!”

Hey, that could even go on a vision board. I’m wondering what your own parabdha karma might say about you.

Your heart will know.

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