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Inviting in the Help

14 Sep

The other day a friend and I were having a conversation about a ticket I might be buying. She said 'Well, it's very unlikely you'll get one. At least you better hurry and act fast!!! Everything will sell out and you'll be left out!'

This made me smile a bit and I thought of the story in 'Outrageous Openness' called (without god). A bunch of you may know it. Yes everyone will rush to tell you why you can't do certain things..and it's TRUE if you think like a fearful person.

But if it's offered to the Divine and it's meant to be, it will simply BE. So I told my friend since I honestly didn't care if I got the ticket or not, if it was meant to happen the Divine could make it occur even at the very last second! If it was Her will.

I just refused to think 'like a struggling person'.
And why shouldn't you?

Then I looked down at the table where we spoke and realized someone had left a paper open to THIS picture.

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