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Why NOT You?

15 Aug

(And, yes, this message could be 100% for YOU)

I think by now you're starting to notice the messages that come over and over to you. A teacher of mine used to say, hey, if it KEEPS coming, don't make god work so hard.

So here's the message I've been getting all this week: Why NOT you? First in a yoga class as the intro talk. I bristled at first as I thought he was saying it in a manifesting way, like "You can have whatever the ego wants, why not?"

But actually he wasn't. He was just saying, "You never know the amazing plan the Divine may have in store. Why limit it? Why not just be open? Why NOT you?" So he got my attention.

The next day, back in the car, turn on radio. An ad for some weird spaghetti sauce that ends, "Everyone is trying our sauce. Why. NOT. You?"

Two days later, back on the radio and that TV gal Mindy (from the Mindy Project) is hawking her book...and it is called, honest to god, yep, "Why NOT You?"

Ok God I get it. So just be open. Something you NEVER expected in a zillion years could be in god's plan.

Why limit it? Just be open. Why NOT you?

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