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Yep, Signs Abound (as long as you notice)

24 Sep

Lately, just for fun I've been memorizing a few poems from my past. Cuz I once heard the amazing poet Olga Broumas and she did a reading entirely from memory, eyes shut, swaying in prayer. It totally moved me. So I'm teaching myself a poem or two. In honor of Olga :))

Anyway, I was standing in line at Peets yesterday for my matcha addiction, using the time to memorize this short one that some of you know

And just as I got to the front of the line, the guy in front of me turned around and I see his shirt. No joke, seriously cue Twilight Zone music. I almost fell over.

Then I convince him to let me take a photo. Yes he thought I was a little crazy. That's ok lol.

Take if you need!


When you finally take
your calm and silent seat
on the throne
of your own heart
everything begins
to fall into
its proper place

--From "Make Me Your Own", Tosha Silver

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