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Happy Fall Equinox!

22 Sep

One of the reasons that I don't write about astrology often, even though I love it and once spent 30 years doing a gazillion charts, is that people can get trapped on the roller-coaster of "Good transits! I'll FINALLY get what I want!" and "Bad transits! I'll NEVER get what I want!"

The focus is still entirely based in the small self.

And if you've read "Outrageous Openness" you know I believe there's a way to live where EVERY turn of the wheel is fully embraced... anything is a way to move into alignment with the Tao, with the Inner Beloved. Everything is offered to the Divine, and It leads the way. And THAT'S when an incarnation truly catches fire.

However, having said all that, OMG, these final months of this year are transformative indeed! Starting... today 2014 is far, far, far from over. So check all this out:

Pluto the Lord of Death and Rebirth moves forward TODAY at 5:34 pm PDT. The New Moon at 1 degree Libra comes tomorrow. New energies in relationships of all kinds, especially at such a potent early degree.

And the NEXT New Moon at 0 Scorpio on October 23 is EVEN stronger, an eclipse at a highly critical degree. Yes, Mercury will retrograde throughout October but amidst all this powerful energy of change it can also bring opportunities for languishing projects and people from the past to return, ready to FINALLY take flight.

Even if you don't know a stitch of astrology, it doesn't matter. You can probably feel the tide of Big Changes Rising. So here's a Change Me Prayer to help open to it all.

"Change me Divine Beloved into One who can open gratefully to the New. Release me from the prison of old attachments, resentments and addictions that no longer serve. May I see myself as You see me, a radiant, beautiful soul. May I love and care for myself in every way.

May I always know that I am enough and that there IS enough. Use me for the greatest good, You know the deepest needs of my heart. May I be a Force of Love and benefit on the planet.

I am Yours, You are Mine, We are One, all is well."

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