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Opening to Receive

04 Sep

Yesterday I was at a great yoga class where the teacher kept saying we do yoga to know how to handle crisis. Later I said, well, that may be one reason. But yoga is union with the Divine, and learning to receive is key. You can learn to receive God, to receive the Good. You can learn to deserve. It's not just about crises. She laughed and agreed. Expand my ability to receive You Oh Divine, may I open to receive all your blessings and goodness. Expand my capacity for love, pleasure, joy and happiness. May I know my own...

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Why NOT You?

15 Aug

(And, yes, this message could be 100% for YOU) I think by now you're starting to notice the messages that come over and over to you. A teacher of mine used to say, hey, if it KEEPS coming, don't make god work so hard. So here's the message I've been getting all this week: Why NOT you? First in a yoga class as the intro talk. I bristled at first as I thought he was saying it in a manifesting way, like "You can have whatever the ego wants, why not?" But actually he wasn't. He was just saying, "You...

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A Short Love Letter to NYC

24 Jul

I woke up this morning remembering when I visited NY last October. It had been seven years since the last trip, and some people were saying, "Oh, it's REALLY changed. You won't like it anymore, blahblahblah." Anyway, I got off the train at Penn Station and just stepped into that familiar, wild, madhouse blur that you never really forget. And right in the middle of everything, in their leotards and all, Superman and Wonder Woman were making out. Yep, they were. Just like this might be vaguely normal. With everyone, of course, completely ignoring them. (Now THAT's what I'm talking...

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THE HOLY EARRING REUNION (and Mercury moves out of shadow)

30 Jun

Ok if you use my books, you know signs come in the craziest ways. You just have to notice. And if you follow the fB page (, you may remember a few weeks ago, as Mercury was going retro, I accidentally broke a vendor's mirror, then bought a set of earrings to make her happy. When I got home, I found one of the earrings had vanished anyway. All typical cuckoo Mercury. Well, this past Friday was important (not only because of Marriage Equality) but cuz Mercury returned to the degree where it was BEFORE that crazy retro started in...

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Great Self vs. Small Self Prayers

23 Jun

The other day on the 'Living Outrageous Openness' Forum I was musing about the difference between Great self and small self prayers. Take a listen. [audio src=""]

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