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When You're Good and Ready

11 Apr

The other day I was thinking about amazing Gloria who taught yoga when I was in college in New Haven. That was the mid-seventies so yoga was not exactly common on campuses; we were the Absolute Total Weirdo course. And there was Gloria, at least 60, teaching asana, with perfect posture and a radiant composure and peace different than anyone I’d ever met. At the time, I was busy being a full-time lunatic who was so not ready for her.  I took a semester but just couldn’t calm down to do what she said.  She always spoke about eating cleanly,...

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On Mistakes

20 Mar

The Shakti (Inner Divine) can work in so many mysterious ways when you open to Her long-range astonishing vision. So I can only laugh at this one... Last year, I spied a wooden clothing trunk online at Cost Plus. It was super adorable, very Rajasthani Indian, and came in red or brown. I ordered the red to go with my bedroom rug. A few days later it arrived but they had 'accidentally' sent the brown. I shlepped the trunk back to Cost Plus to exchange it. They apologized and gave me a new one in a sealed box marked RED...

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The Exalted Barista inside You

03 Dec

Ok, I've had a theory forever that many of the best spiritual teachers on the planet aren't famous in the limelight at ALL but just 'regular' folks doing their lives with great joy and dignity. I saw that yet again today. For years I've been going to a certain cafe most days to get my matcha. And there's this guy, maybe mid-twenties, who I've always noticed cuz it's just inspiring...he's in the middle of what is always the early morning shitstorm of orders and demands with total equipoise, graciousness and cool. Friday I watched as a woman screamed at him...

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The Sacred Art of No

22 Oct

I think sometimes surrender gets misunderstood as blindly saying yes to all that comes, but I've found it involves what's called in Sanskrit, 'viveka', discrimination. I swear, sometimes situations come that feel so wrong just so that we have a chance to learn to say, "That's so not what I need right now." I personally had to learn how to say No over and over to say Yes to what felt right. Years ago I was quite a people-pleaser (with Libra Rising); It was hard at first. I didn't grow up knowing No was ok. The Divine had to keep...

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On Crowns and Mars/Venus

29 Sep

You know, we've been in this long, long Mars/Venus transit that started last February 24 and completes November 1. And though it can bring up pain and healing around relationship (and even END what's needed to go for a long time), what it's really about is your own worthiness, wholeness, and Divinity. So, back in February I was feeling this ancient pain triggered by someone. I had no illusions it was actually about her, but rather a wound that had never fully healed. Despite a lifetime of spiritual practice, I still had often (quite covertly) projected my own disowned Mars onto an Other,...

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