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The Inner Road

16 Sep

The road to belonging to Yourself can be long, agonizing and circuitous. Often, as the process unfolds, you really don't know where the hell you're being led. But at some point, if you keep offering yourself again and again to this Inner Divine, if you make a steady invitation, you begin to "belong" to You. You can just feel it inside, growing a tiny bit day by day.

This has nothing to do with manifesting ANYTHING. It's an inner sacred road led by Love. It's available to anyone.

If you've experienced this, you know just what I mean. Something begins to happen and suddenly you're not trying to 'get' anything from anyone. You're no longer begging for crumbs or "selling your soul". You don't have to be anything other than yourself. Something Larger inside you begins to lead the way.

And even if you have bouts of amnesia, you always know how to come back 'home' inside.

You simply belong to You.
And honestly, this is a freakin miracle.
This is Grace

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