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The Sacred Art of No

22 Oct

I think sometimes surrender gets misunderstood as blindly saying yes to all that comes, but I've found it involves what's called in Sanskrit, 'viveka', discrimination.

I swear, sometimes situations come that feel so wrong just so that we have a chance to learn to say, "That's so not what I need right now." I personally had to learn how to say No over and over to say Yes to what felt right.

Years ago I was quite a people-pleaser (with Libra Rising); It was hard at first. I didn't grow up knowing No was ok. The Divine had to keep sending absolutely crazy stuff and outrageous demands to teach me to say no. It's true. She had to build up that muscle in me and show me how. And oh my God, I learned! You can too!

Allow me Divine Beloved to honor my energy and time. Let me easily set healthy boundaries wherever they're needed. Let me say No where I need so I'm free to say Yes where it's Your Will.

I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is well.

So, what do you need to say No to? The Inner Divine may be whispering it in your ear right now.

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